İzmir's 2017 investment report: 2.5 billion has passed!

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invested over 2017 billion liras in 2,5. The total investment of 14 years has approached 15 billion liras. The total amount of the last 3 years of investments made by the local government in İzmir has increased by 5 percent compared to the previous 86-year period.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its investments and projects with the aim of yine Local Development kalkınma, signed important projects in 2017 again. Metropolitan, 2 billion 140 million liras during the year we spent the next year, as well as the projects of the district municipalities also provided 27 million pounds of financial support. Together with the investments of ESHOT, İZSU and companies, the total investment amount of the year 2017 of 2 increased to 650 million pounds.

Aiming to raise the living standards of the citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented hundreds of projects from expropriation activities to infrastructure, tramway metro investments, history protection and urban transformation to important environmental facilities. In the same period, the Metropolitan gave a lot of investment.
Together with the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT, İZSU and municipal companies, 2004 has invested 2017 billion in 14 billion 883 in 10 years. 306 billion XnUMX million pounds of these investments were made by the Metropolitan, İZSU 2 billion 810 million, ESHOT 573 million, İZDENİZ, İZULAŞ and İZBETON companies invested in 894 million pounds. International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings approved the 'AAA' national rating, which is the highest step in the investment grade level of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in 2017 once again.

Here are the heads of investments in Izmir in 2017;

Giant budget for transportation
* 450 mileage with an investment of million pounds Karşıyaka As the tram was put into service, the end of the 12.8 kilometer-long Konak Tram was approached.
* The next generation of 110 units were taken to İZULAŞ.
* 100 of the 60 articulated buses taken to ESHOT entered service.
* Smart, environmentalists and established a city transport for disabled-friendly "Intelligent Traffic System" was implemented first time in Turkey by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM) was opened, where all the main arteries of İzmir are kept under control and supervision for 24 hours and the city traffic is managed.
* Turkey's first full-electric bus fleet off to build the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 8.8 million pounds to buy it completely produced with local technology 20 electric buses into service.
* 15 passenger ship provided by the sea transportation with Ihsan Alyanak and Professor. Aziz Sancar ships entered service. So the fleet is complete.
* The construction date of the Narlıdere-Fahrettin Altay metro line, which consists of 7.2 kilometers of 7 kilometers, is announced as 9 January.
320 95 75 95 4 182 XNUMX will reach XNUMX by increasing the total number of vehicles in the fleet together with the new wagon.
* IZBAN line to extend the 26 mile 136 mileage will take the construction of the Seljuk axis was completed and went into service. The 165 rail network in Izmir has reached the kilometer.
* Evka-3-Bornova central metro line project work has been completed. The construction of the line will start in 2018.
* The project and ground survey of the Üçyol oluşBuca line, consisting of 13 and 11 stations, has been completed. An application was made to the Ministry of Development for the 2018 investment program.
* Construction of Belevi Station was started within the scope of İzmir Suburban System Development Project.
* The construction of a two-storey underground car park with a capacity of 93 wagons has started in Halkapınar.
* A floating pier was installed in the region, which was compatible with the region, which was a natural site for the launching of the voyages to Urla.

New arteries, new roads, parking lots
* The underpass construction designed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard was completed and opened to traffic in order to bring vehicle traffic underground to give the city a new square. The 71 square meter area in front of Mithatpaşa Park, which is gained by taking the traffic underground, will be transformed into a big city square. With the highway underpass, which costs 500 million TL, all of the works will cost 116 million TL.
* Started the construction work for the 183 million lira project that extends Homer Boulevard to the Bus Station and will cross the section between Buca and Bornova through a "deep tunnel". Citizens who will pass the "longest highway tunnel in the city" with a length of 2.5 kilometers will be able to reach the bus station and the ring road without getting into heavy traffic.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which reorganized the city coasts in order to strengthen the relationship of the people of Izmir with the sea, went on to tender for six wooden piers to be built on the coastline from Bostanlı Ferry Pier to Alaybey Shipyard.
* Kestel Bridge, which was renovated with an investment of 2.3 million pounds in Bergama, was put into service.
* Salhane neighborhood of 630 vehicles capable of Turkey's largest fully automatic parking of the tender process was launched to build.
* 635 car park with a capacity of 7 has been completed and opened to service in Alaybey.
* Construction of the car park for 429 in Hatay continues.
* With the investment of 21.6 million pounds, a new development road of 3.2 kilometers was opened in order to meet the transportation needs of the new settlement area between Esentepe and Balatcık neighborhoods of Çiğli.
* Bergama State Hospital in the district of Pergamum and the heavy traffic in the marketplace was relieved.
* Bayraklı The road and bridge construction that will connect Onur Mahallesi to the ring road has been completed in order to relieve the traffic.
* 197 million pounds investment 1 million 687 thousand tons of hot asphalt paved road was 860 miles length.
* 49 million pounds investment 792 kilometer-long plain road surface coating was performed.
* 31 million pounds investment 5 meter-wide 180 kilometer-long lock cobblestone was laid.
* One of the busiest routes of Izmir, Ankara Caddesi'in alternative location with the Ibrahim Hakki Caddesi was connected to Istanbul Road.

New facilities
* 14 million pounds in the construction of the neighborhood garage to serve the construction of the garage was launched.
* In order to meet the cemetery needs of the city, new cemetery areas with a capacity of approximately 135 thousand burials are formed in the square area of ​​300 bin 20 in Karabağlar, Narlıdere, Torbalı, Bornova and Urla.
* Urla Zeytinalanı Cemetery was opened to the burial. Karabağlar Tırazlı District, Torbalı Pamukyazı, and Yukarı Narlıdere graveyards In the 2018, the new graveyard area in Bornova Hacılarkırı will be built in 2019.
* The service quality was increased with the construction sites it built in Bergama, north of the city and in Bayındır in the south. Now, Urla Uzbek works to establish the Science Works Site, which will serve the peninsula region, started.
* The Bergama Slaughterhouse, which was transferred to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, became a brand new identity with its new equipment in European Union standards.
* In the Gerenköy neighborhood of Foça, construction of a multi-purpose hall was started in accordance with the structure of the region. The facility will be launched in 2018.
* Kiraz, Bergama and Urla region slaughterhouses were put into service after improvement works.
* An 43 thousand-capacity animal cemetery was established on 4 acres land in Seyrek. On the same land, a new nest and rehabilitation center where the 1.100 street animal can be accommodated was opened.
* Work has started to establish a semi-Olympic swimming pool right next to the Ice Sports Hall in Bornova.
* With the investment of 18.4 million pounds, Yeşilyurt has a modern cultural center. There will also be parking for 153 vehicles in the center.
* The construction of Selçuk Solid Waste Transfer Station, which is planned to meet the needs of Selçuk and its surroundings, is under construction.
* With the investment of 3 million pounds, Aliağa Culture Center was completed and put into service.
* A terminal building was acquired in Foça with an investment of 5.8 million liras.

Local stamp on local development
* Within the scope of Milk Lamb Project, 35.4 million pounds of 1 thousand children between the ages of 5 and 125 were bought by Tire Dairy Cooperative.
* 610 thousand fruit saplings, 2165 small bovine animals, 2500 pieces of queen bees, 120 thousand strawberry seedlings were distributed to the producer. Early warning system was established for Selçuk, Menemen and Ödemiş. 266 was also supplied to the beekeeper, bee-free beehive. Büyükşehir's support to the producer has passed 14 million pounds.
* 16 thousand wild trees were inoculated in Bergama and Aliağa.
* In order to improve the beekeeping around the Tahtalı Dam and increase the quality of the honey, efforts to establish a “Honey Forest and Pasture” have been initiated. 44 thousand 653 tree and plant species were planted to increase the honey yield of bees.
* In Ödemiş and Kiraz, support was provided to combat “chestnut cancer”, which caused major product loss in chestnut, which is among the important export products of the country.
* Az Küçük Menderes Basin Sustainable Development and Life Strategy il for Torbalı, Menderes, Ödemiş, Tire, Bayındır, Beydağ, Kiraz and Selçuk districts was completed.
* Agricultural Development Cooperatives with 42.5 million pounds of olive oil, honey, cheese, potatoes, yogurt, ayran, cheese, tarhana purchase contract was signed.
* 4 million 182 thousand square meters of plain road was covered with 52 million TL.

History stands up
* 113 yearly building, N House of Immigration and Exchange Memorial ap was put into service at Buca Butchers Square.
* The archaeological excavation support was increased to 10 and the amount of support allocated to the excavations was increased. Agora, Foça, Erythrai, Eski Smyrna, Yeşilova Mound, Teos, Claros, Panaztepe, Urla and Ayasuluk excavations were transferred to the 4.7 million pounds.
* 157 annually continues the restoration of the Paterson Mansion.
* The lighting project was realized in order to be able to perceive the historical walls in Kadifekale in the night silhouette of the city.
* The restoration work of the museum house in Agora was completed.
* Namazgah Bath restoration work in progress.

Environmental investments
* 1.7 million Euro ship was commissioned to serve in Gulf cleaning with liquid waste collection capability in order to respond quickly to possible environmental disasters.
* Bayraklı In order to meet the electricity needs of Ekrem Akurgal Yaşam Park and 40 percent of the energy need of the Havagazı Plant, solar panels were installed on the roofs of the gymnasium and parking areas inside the park.
* In order to produce electric buses, a solar power plant was installed on the roofs of ESHOT's workshops in Buca.
* A tender was held to renew the rainwater line of the historic Kemeraltı market.
* IZBETON was placed in the area where construction debris was deposited, and 250 tons of rubble was removed from wastes per hour and transformed into infrastructure materials for new roads.
* IZU, 666 km-long drinking water network, 91.706 meter-long channel network and 75 km-long rain water line laid. 40 manufactures railing with length of kilometers; 36 led water well bore
* Göksu-Sarıkız, Menemen and Halkapınar wells and the water transmission from the Tahtalı Dam to the city began the renovation of the main transmission line Yeşildere.
* With the investment of 4.7 million pounds, Seferihisar Sığacık, Tepecik, Hıdırlık, Çolak İbrahim Bey and Cami Kebir neighborhoods and the channel problem of Düverlik and Karaot neighborhoods of Torbalı are being solved.
* 14.4 million pounds investment in the region of Karabağlar Kazımkarabekir, Refet Bele, Sevgi, Tahsin Yazici and Vatan neighborhoods to solve the problem of rain water was initiated.
* With the investment of 10 million 850 thousand pounds, the construction of Tire Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant has been completed.
* The first of the package treatment facilities, where wastewater is automatically treated in a minimum area without requiring personnel, is established in the Ilıpınar neighborhood of Foça.
* In the neighborhoods and streets in Menemen, Bayındır, Kemalpaşa and Urla, 53.8 million pounds of rainwater line laying was started with the investment of 65 million pounds.
* 4.8 million TL investment Bornova, Buca, Cigli, Gaziemir, Karabaglar, Karşıyaka, Kemalpaşa, Kınık and Narlıdere districts railings are made to the edge of the creek.
* 4.4 million pounds investment in Bayındır, Bergama, Beydag, Kemalpasa, Kinik, Kiraz, Odemis, Seferihisar, Seljuk and Tire in the opening of the 51 boreholes in these regions, especially in the summer months, the water shortage is solved.
Menemen Türkelli Advanced Biological Wastewater Transmission Line was commissioned with the 9.4 kilometer transmission line and cost 9.4 million pounds.
* With the investment of 12 million pounds, the renovation of the transmission lines with the drinking water networks, which caused the fugitives and fugitives in Ödemiş, Kiraz and Beydağ, was initiated.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started cleaning work in the main arteries, squares and avenues of 79 districts with 465 vehicles and 30 personnel. Washing, sweeping and cleaning activities, which started at 23.00:XNUMX at night, continue until the first lights of the morning.
* Bornova Homer Valley source of water from the sources of bottled water ya at an affordable price in to move to the homes of Izmir, the facility with the capacity of 1500 carboy per hour was taken into service.
* According to the population of the year 2050 and water needs in the town of 30 new drinking water investments 'Drinking Water Master Plan' was prepared and began to work.
* With an investment of 30.8 million lira, a stream bed was created again two meters below the roads in Gültepe, and this line enabled the rain water to reach Meles.

Urban transformation
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has drawn lots for 130 residences in the first phase of urban transformation in Ornekkoy. Construction tender for the region was held.
* In Uzundere "Percent 100 reconciliation" and "in situ" conversion rough construction of Turkey's first urban transformation project carried out with the xnumx's located in 9 blocks from the first stage is over; The remaining two blocks are also 7. rose to the floor.
* A tender for the construction of an urban transformation project to be realized in the 70 thousand square meter area in the Aegean Quarter was made.
* BayraklıUrban design and architectural projects have been completed in the 600 thousand square meter area covering the majority of the Cengizhan, Alpaslan and Fuat Edip Baksı districts in. The negotiation and contract process with the beneficiaries continues.
* In the project, which covers an area of ​​48 hectares including Ballıkuyu, Akarcalı, Kosovo, Yeşildere and Kocakapı neighborhoods, urban design and architectural projects were prepared for the first stage. Negotiations started with rights holders.
* In Aktepe and Emrez regions of Gaziemir, 1 million 220 thousand square meters in the area is working to inform rights holders. M Urban Design and Architectural Idea Project Competition di was held on a national scale.
* In Çiğli Güzeltepe, an urban transformation project is being prepared on an area of ​​approximately 210 thousand square meters.

New tools
* 25.7 90 vehicles, purchased at a cost of 1 million pounds, were donated to the district municipalities for use in cleaning services.
* Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department ', which is the only fire department in Turkey between Rowe (underwater imaging devices) were enrolled. In this way, it will be able to intervene more quickly and more safely to accidents in stagnant waters and streams.
* Fire Department to be able to intervene more quickly to the fire and rescue operations in Turkey's tallest high rise building fire ladder (104 meters) was included in the vehicle fleet.

Joint service projects
* The audience capacity of Doğanlar Stadium, which was completed with the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality, was launched to 9 bin 600.
* Gaziemir Sarnıç Indoor Sports Hall was opened.
* Cigar 75. Year Turkish World Park was put into service and landscaping arrangements were completed.
* Tire Stadium, which has a capacity of 15 thousand spectators, built at the UEFA standards with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan and Tire municipalities, has reached the stage of completion.
* The foundations of the 4-floor Tahsin Yazıcı Cultural Center, which will be built in Karabağlar Tahsin Yazıcı Neighborhood, were laid.
* The construction of the Gültepe Sports Complex begins.
* Karabağlar Municipality Girls Student Guesthouse is about to be completed.
* In Menemen, the construction of Kubilay Cultural Center, where the name of Martyr Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay will be kept alive, continues.
* Karabağlar Kibar Mahallesi'ya closed market, neighborhood center and condolence house is being won.
* Construction of Cistern Cultural Center in Gaziemir.
* Beydağ is being given a new cultural center.

Parks, green areas, squares
* In 2017, new urban forests were created in Bornova Gökdere, Güzelbahçe Yelki and Menemen Süleymanlı Mahallesi.
* Natural Life Village was established with an investment of 315 million lira on an area of ​​approximately 4 decares in Bademler
* Karşıyaka Muzaffer İzgü Park, established on 12 acres in Yalı neighborhood, will be put into service in the new year.
* Ahmet Taner Kislali Park is about to be completed in the area of ​​19 thousand square meters in Cigli.
* Bostan 2. Within the scope of the coastal arrangement works, 70 is being invested with a thousand square meters of investment in 24.5 million pounds. In the first place, the section between the Fisherman's Shelter and Yasemin Cafe will be put into service.
* With the public park in Mavişehir, where the public can express themselves as well as the famous Hyde Park in London, England
In Bornova's Atatürk neighborhood, the construction of the first thematic park of Adventure Park, which includes activities such as outdoor sports and mountaineering, rock climbing and zipline activities, was started.
* The park built on behalf of journalist Aytaç Sefiloğlu was reorganized. With its sports fields, walking paths, recreation areas and playgrounds, the park's renovation works, which appeal to Izmir residents of all ages, cost 1.2 million TL.
* These demolitions of illegal dump sites in the park Adatepe'nin edited and converted one of Turkey's most important poets were given the name of Neset Ertas.
* Bayraklı The 2nd stage of the coastal arrangement has been completed to a large extent in the 70 thousand square meter area between Şelale Stream and Adnan Kahveci Junction. Within the scope of the arrangement, while beach arrangement was made on one side, concrete sun beds, canopy and wooden sun terraces were created on the other side.
* Buca Yedigöller ', which was implemented 14 years ago within the scope of the joint service project with Buca Municipality and has been worn out due to intensive use for many years, will be revived with the project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Renovation will be carried out in 7 ponds and waterfalls connecting them.
* He reorganized mekan Butchers Square olan, one of the oldest meeting places of Çiğlililer. With its new pool and urban furniture, the square began to serve as a ceremonial and relaxation area.
* İzmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared N 1 / 25000 Scale Master Plan li which will guide the future of the city. The plan, which has been designed with the aim of 2030 year, stands out with its green belt areas and high environmental sensitivity.
* Martyr Ömer Bozkurt Park was opened on a 5-decare area in Bornova Rafet Pasha District. * The name of Martyr Police Fethi Sekin, who sacrificed her life to prevent a treacherous attack on the Izmir Courthouse, is the name of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. BayraklıIt was given to the park it built on 40 decares in. The statue of Parka Sekin was also made.
* Çiğli Dr. Dr. Dr. Çiğli in the 6-acre area of ​​Ege Kent Mahallesi. Construction of Sadık Ahmet Park started.
* Cicipark, one of the historical places of İzmir, came to life again with the arrangement project of the Metropolitan Municipality.
* Susuzdede Park renewal and green tissue strengthening studies were made. 36 trees and thousands of plants planted; the lighting was renewed and a new generation of children set up playgrounds.
* The second phase of the Narlıdere-Sahilevleri Coastal Project, the first part of which was opened in 2016, has been completed. It has a completely different face with its 2.7 km long coastline, wooden sunset terrace, green texture, fishing piers, cycle path, BISIM station and sea salt resistant tree texture.
* 2017 805 thousand square meters of new green space in the city. 40 planted 667 million plants, including a thousand pieces of trees, 6 thousand shrubs.

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