Notice to MANUSIA

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) by the decision taken in the transportation, in order to prevent the use of illegal Manisa Card arrangements were made in practice. MANULAS said in a statement on the subject, the use of the cards that are mandatory to be used by someone else determined that the card will be canceled for a period of one year.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) in accordance with the decision taken on the use of the improper Manisa Card, the use of personal cards by someone else to determine if the card will be canceled one year. MANULAS on the subject of the statement made; Lar In public transport, students and municipal staff are citizens; 65 is free of charge for citizens of age and over, disabled, city and veterans. Personalized cards are provided for our citizens, who are entitled to discounted and free travel, to benefit from this right. Personal use of these cards is mandatory. With the decision taken in the General Assembly of the UKOME, if the citizens who have the right to discount or free travel are found to be used by another person, the card will be canceled for one year. In this way, the people who have been canceled in this way for the first time a year, for the next two years in no violation of free or discount card will not be given. In order to protect the rights of our citizens, we would like to ask our employees to show proof of their right to use the personalized card if they are asked by the staff about the inspections made with electronic devices in public transportation vehicles ı.


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