Lottery for 13 Neighborhoods with Üsküdar - Sancaktepe Subway

aralik uskudar umraniye cekmekoy sancaktepe subway station
aralik uskudar umraniye cekmekoy sancaktepe subway station

The driverless metro line, which reduced the distance between Üsküdar and Sancaktepe to 27 minutes, has increased the value of the districts on the transit route. Housing prices have increased by up to 13 percent at 100 points in the last three years. The minimum 2 thousand 500 lira for sale in Üsküdar Fıstıkağacı rose to 4 thousand 600 and in Ümraniye from 2 thousand to 4 thousand liras.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the day before the opening of the first stage of Turkey's first driverless metro line, located in the region has doubled the prices of almost transit route. In the points where the smart metron passed, there was an increase in house prices up to 100. Accordingly, branded housing prices at 2014 in Üsküdar Fıstıkağacı with the lowest square meter of 2 thousand 500 were increased to 84 bin 4 with an increase of 600, and from 3 to thousand by 5. 200 72 XnUMX XnumX XnumX XnumX premium 2 thousand pounds 200 pound output. In Bulgurlu, Çarşı, Çakmak and Yamanevler, 3 increases were observed. Thus, Umraniye, Yamanevler, Bulgurlu and Bazaar three years ago in the band of 800 bin-100 thousand 2 pounds of housing square meters of the 2 bin today climbed to the level of 500 lira. Lighters for sale in the lowest thousand 4 pounds in the 5 thousand 600 pounds reached. Among the metro stations, the highest premium was seen in the new developing regions. At these points, the values ​​were calculated to exceed 3s. Ihlamurkuyu, with the increase of 200 100 XnumX thousand thousand pounds of prices to increase the number of 166 thousand 200 liraya was one of the locations. With the 3 premium in Dudullu and Sancaktepe, the lowest square meters of the thousand 200 pounds 113 thousand 500 pounds reached. When all the stages of the metro line planned to be transported by 3 thousand passengers per day are completed, it is expected that the prices will increase in the regions which are on the transition route. When the subway line is examined, the biggest advantage is shortening transportation times. Thus, Üsküdar 200, Ümraniye 700, Kartal 27, Yenikapı 15, Taksim 62, Hacıosman 39, Airport 47 and Olympic Stadium will be 71 minutes from Sancaktepe. The other parts of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe subway, whose fine works have been completed, will start to serve in June at 71. TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya evaluated the effects of the new metro line passing through the Üsküdar, Ümraniye and Sancaktepe regions to the real estate market. Maya, gave the following information: arasındaki The line will be born with the connection between Üsküdar Marmaray station and Altunizade metrobüs station and an alternative transportation between the Anatolian and European sides. In the 81 year, it is expected that other stages of the project will be put into operation. It is expected that the entire line will be opened and the traffic between Üsküdar and Sancaktepe will be reduced to approximately 2018 minutes and the traffic density will be reduced significantly especially in Üsküdar, Altunizade, Ümraniye and Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe regions. With this line, the demand for housing in the Altunizade and Ümraniye regions, where the office functions are intense, is expected to increase. The possibility of the white collar working in these regions can be made on the route.


The length of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe metro is 20 kilometers and 16 station. The passenger capacity of the metro is 128, consisting of 126 meters, with a length of one thousand 622. 65 bin in one direction per hour, while the average 700 thousand passengers are targeted to be transported. Üsküdar-Ümraniye section which is the first stage of the metro, ie the length of the driverless part is 10,5 kilometers. This section; Üsküdar, Fıstıkağacı, Bağlarbaşı, Altunizade, Kısıklı, Bulgurlu, Ümraniye, Çarşı and Yamanevler. Furthermore, the line is integrated from Üsküdar to Marmaray, Marmaray to Yenikapı-Hacıosman and other metros. Those who use this line, Marmaray in Üsküdar, Altunizade will be able to travel with metrobus.


TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya explained the expected demand in the regions with the new metro line as follows: “With the completion of the first phase between Üsküdar and Yamanevler, the housing demand will be able to show an alternative from the Üsküdar central region, where the values ​​are higher, to the Ümraniye region where the values ​​are partially reduced. In addition, it is thought that with the establishment of connection with the European Side through Üsküdar Marmaray station and Altunizade metrobus station, it is thought that employees on the European Side will be able to consider the region from Üsküdar to Yamenevler in their housing preferences. With the start of metro line works in March 2012 and the strengthening of transportation connections with Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel in recent years, the line route has become the preferred area of ​​housing developers. While Ümraniye and its surroundings will be the first choice of a person working in the Ümraniye region when purchasing a residence, Çekmeköy will be able to extend to Sancaktepe with the completion of the metro line. - DECISION

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