Turkey, grabbed the European Union standards in the maritime

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, emphasized that the government's contribution to maritime cannot be denied.

Arslan, Council of Shipping Chambers held at TOBB Twin Towers, this meeting held with the representatives of the sector every year, the sector said that the opportunity to make the accounting.

Emphasizing that the contribution of the government to maritime cannot be denied, Arslan said, ad It is a historical fact that the geography we live in does not forgive the non-naval states and the nations returning to the sea. As sailors, we are the ones who know this best. This country, which we live in on the basis of the importance to be given to the sea and the sea in every area, is becoming stronger. Her

Arslan, Turkey's 15 that last year secured a place in the maritime, now has become a brand in the world of yacht production, with a marina and efficient services noted that it is important to have succeeded with a green Turkey's harbor.

The European Union's maritime Arslan stressed that Turkey meet the standards, said that the shipping period, approximately 2004 2016-5 607 million billion pounds of support provided.

Arslan, Turkey's merchant fleet in the world of countries that control nearly 94 30 percent capacity 29 15 million tons deadweights. giving information that it is in order, he noted:

UM 15 8,7 17 years ago with tons of million detveyt. It was in order. The amount of cargo handled in our ports was 2003 million tons in 190, and in 2016, it increased by more than 2 and exceeded 430 million tons. Foreign trade transports 149 million while 310 million tons caught. The share of the sea route in the total foreign trade of our country in monetary value also increased around 2016 in 2003 by 250. 57 rose from $ 1 billion to $ 198 billion. The amount of containers handled in our ports increased from 2,5 million TEU to about 9 million TEU. In 2003, the 9 has the international regular Ro-Ro line, while the 2016 eventually reached the 19. The number of vehicles transported on these Ro-Ro lines was also increased to one thousand 220 vehicles. The amount of cargo handled in the cabotage was 450 million tons, while the 28 million 53 thousand tons passed. Kab

Emphasizing that the number of active shipyards goes from 37 to 79, Arslan said, vurgu The installed capacity of these shipyards increased from 600 thousand tonnes to 4,5 million detveyts. In the 2004, approximately 15 thousand people were employed in the shipyards, while at the end of the 2016 this number reached to 30 thousand. If you think about the related business lines 90 thousand people are assuming that the employment of 120 thousand people provide direct employment. "He said.

Emphasizing that the maritime sector needs more work to come to the place it deserves, Arslan added that the number of national and international legislation made in 15 reached to 351 annually in order to open the way for the sector.

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