Turkish Transportation-Sen. The Ordinary General Assembly was held

Turkish Transportation-Sen. The Ordinary General Assembly was held with intensive participation.

Chairman of the current branch of the board of directors Ömür Kalkan, the members of the congress, members and guests, as well as the Chairman of the Turkish Transport-Sen Şerafettin Deniz, MHP Sakarya Deputy Zihni Açba, Provincial and District Governors and many representatives of NGOs attended.

The opening speech was made by the Chairman of the Branch Ömür Kalkan.
Branch of Life Shield "We've set out believing the Turkey Kamu-Sen's mission and raison d'être. In this way, without prejudice to the rights of our members and institutions, we conducted studies in accordance with the law of their organization. We had a lot of trouble on this road. Fortunately, we did not evolve bend and did not pursue position and authority. That's why we refrain from saying what we said yesterday. We see that the so-called unions who came to us yesterday criticized us mercilessly and looked at us in line with us. We would love to be happy with it, but unfortunately, their actions and discourses do not hold each other. Our wish is that these friends do not serve the injustice and unlawfulness of the public. 4 is our struggle to fight against this kind of negativity. We will try to be worthy of the trust of our trusting members who believe in us. I would like to thank our members, our representations, our branch managers and the headquarters where we have difficulty catching up to speed, and wish our congress and results to be beneficial to our community.,

In his speech Şerafettin Deniz, Chairman of Turkish Transport-Sen, gave information about their work by stating that Turkish Transport-Sen movement is a hope of the employees and they continue their way without disappointing this prospect.

In the speech he delivered at the General Assembly of Turkish Transportation-Sen Sakarya Branch President Ömür Kalkan; Although the main purpose of the unions in the public servants' unions and collective bargaining law numbered 4688 is expressed as “protecting and improving the common economic rights and interests of public officials”, their responsibilities are not limited to this.
Trade unions, which are the indispensable institutions of democratic countries due to democracy, also contribute to the development of the basic qualities of the state such as rights, law and justice of the countries where they operate. Respect for national and spiritual values ​​Our union, acting with a conception of unionism, fulfills its duty by expressing its ideas on the issues it shows sensitivity.

2013 years in Diyarbakir participating in the northern Kurdistan unity and solving the conference officer you, nationalist stance us because Turkey Kamu-Sen to accuse the Ergenekon, 2010 years in the KPSS questions fetöc saying it was stolen by a group of Kamu-Sen is almost atheism to accusations that that period foeto to Those who support the servant who praise their praise must question themselves. If you have such a guide in working life and in politics, you can't even go on a straight road. Because we all see the theater exhibited during the collective bargaining process as good news. authorized union in collective bargaining between Turkey Kamu-Sen 2003-2009 years 94,31% increase in the salaries of civil servants has been achieved in the period of 219,55% inflation. In other words, 7 increased the amount of 100 to 319,55. 2010 between 2016 and 71,11 where officer sen is authorized is 2017,2018,2019 and 22,57 is estimated to be 162,60 in 100 10 is 262,60. In other words, XNUMX could increase the XNUMX TL by XNUMX.

Thus, the officer, together with their families, forfeited the total amount of 20 million servicemen and retirees sometimes for the sake of office and sometimes with the authority given by the appointment to his three adherents. The goal of a union is to make the number of members 1 million, with three five shortsighted executive pressure in the agency of your goal, while its members must be entitled to the right of the country's welfare share. It seems that the civil servant not only disrupts the economic balance of the public employee, but also undermines the hierarchical structure of the public. This union, which has been established with a so-called fundamentalist approach, does not even consider the right to use it when it comes to housing, authority or the slightest interest, and even avoid the rights of its members.

Yes dear friends; In recent years, the job security of the officer is constantly discussed. The most useful and valid law of the world, 657 dmk of the number 125. In sub-paragraph e, the state of dismissal of civil servants is stated. Every year, 100 's civil servants are dismissed on high disciplinary committees. The job security provided by the constitution to the civil servant is only a protection against the oppression that the population can make to the employee. In short, public officials do not have the status of an unlimited job security.
1 On May 2013, the law on the liberalization of railways 6461 was actually put into practice in 2017. We have opposed this law, actions and statements made. The distinction between TCDD Infrastructure and Transportation Inc., which is performed without considering the workload distribution of the personnel without being negotiated sufficiently, causes unrest among the personnel. No doubt that we will do our best to correct this situation.

The fact that the island trains, which have the highest occupancy rate of TCDD for many years, do not enter Adapazarı Gar and the railway line up to Mithatpaşa is out of use is the biggest evil that can be done to our city. Rail transportation, which is the biggest indicator of modernity and development in the world, does not cause traffic problems, but rather relieves traffic and prevents environmental pollution. Making excuses for the traffic problem is nothing more than mocking people's minds. Moreover, if there is a traffic problem in our city, those responsible are the ones who manage our city. Nobody has the right to bill the traffic problem to Ada Express. We will not allow Adapazarı garage to be sacrificed with this excuse for traffic.

Finally, I would like to talk about TÜVASAŞ, the institution I work for. 1951 Our factory, which was established as wagon repair shop in 1962, produced its first domestic wagon in 1992. In its own R & D work, XVIX produced diesel rail bus (sakarya wagon) and TÜVASAŞ was able to meet the needs of our country in this day. If these projects had continued, we would not need the DMU sets of Hyundai EUROTEM, where we made a license agreement by paying millions of dollars and only sold TCDD. In 1999, with the help of TÜVASAŞ officer and worker who gave great damages to the earthquake, he took the urgent needy machine with the help of his pockets and he removed the factory with a hard work. Immediately after the earthquake, 2001 collaborated with Siemens to produce light rail vehicles to Bursaray.

By the way, we couldn't do that we did Hyundai EUROTEM, which sells 15-20 million dollars to TDSDAS, and sells 1,5 billion dollars metro to Istanbul subway. Both our money would not have gone abroad and we would have provided employment for thousands of people. We need to support TÜVASAŞ every month by providing staff salaries and materials, and providing money to our country and the country's economy with approximately 12 million TL. With its experience, infrastructure and advanced supplier industry, TÜVASAŞ has the capacity and equipment to produce all kinds of rail vehicles.

While ending my words here, I would like to extend my thanks to our discreet and wise members who do not want more than they deserve to be stubborn when the personal interests of TÜVASAŞ, cengiz topel DHMİ, railways and Kocaeli port presidency speak. I wish our GENERAL Board to be beneficial to the employees, our union and our country. ” said.

After the plaque was presented to the former Branch executives and retired members, elections were held.

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