Tupras, Turkey's first private railway operator is Happening

Within the scope of Tüpraş's philosophy, the transportation between refineries started in 2006 with the railways for the refineries to work more efficiently. Tüpraş, the investments carried out within the scope of railway, breakthroughs and innovations (ECM DTI, IMS and Gulf Transport Company) Railways of Turkey, together with restructuring of the line equivalents in Europe, are turning to new opportunities.

With the aim of increasing the efficiency and technical competencies in business processes and increasing the focus on the railroads since 2006, the increasing of the railway transportation between the refineries and the transportation of railways in our country has been realized by Körfez Transport A.Ş. which is a subsidiary of 100. will be made within. The company will commence its operations in early December with the 491 diesel locomotive hired by 5 cisterns and TCDD.

June 16 2017 "Railway Train Management Authority Certificate" with 20 September 2017 history of our country first "Safety Management Certificate" on, was Turkey's first private railway train operators. With this initiative, while generating greater added value for the country and the Community, it is aimed to increase the benefits obtained from the safe and environmentally friendly side of the railway and to carry the railway in a wide range of products in the following years.

TCDD was restructured and divided into two within the scope of liberalization studies. While the infrastructure remains as TCDD, towing and towing vehicles are TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Created as the opportunity to become a train operator for private firms. % 100 Founded by Tüpraş, Körfez Taşıma A.Ş. It was Turkey's first private railway train operators, established in our country and Safety Management System certification we held another first. Tüpraş subsidiary Körfez Taşıma A.Ş. It Keeps% annual assume xnumx'luk alone 2,5 million tons of fuel close to transport by rail transport in Turkey and aims to become the largest fuel carrier.


  1. Omsan and Gulf Transportation Inc. freight transport services hopefully be better.Mesele is more important than providing profit for the time, traffic without any hassle without delays and the provision of navigation with the safety of control. The technical examination of the trains is the candor of the railway. It is very important that the inspectors are connected directly to the relevant department, not the region, so the companies are not confused with the train inspection. easy success.