Traffic Training Park Protocol Signed

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality and GAP Regional Development Administration to be made by the 30 acre Traffic Education Park protocol was signed.

Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Ciftci, said they have implemented an important project for traffic education.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality will carry out Traffic Education Park in cooperation with GAP Regional Development Administration within the scope of ortak City Transportation Project Şanlı. The protocol of the Traffic Education Park, which will be built on an area of ​​30 in Seyrantepe neighborhood, was signed with a ceremony. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi and GAP Regional Development Administration President Sadrettin Karahocagil signed the protocol.


In order to learn traffic education at an early age in Şanlıurfa with a young population, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Çiftçi stated that they will conduct the Traffic Education Park in the area of ​​30 in Seyrantepe Neighborhood together with the Presidency of the GAP Regional Development Administration. With the project prepared by the Department of Transportation, we are bringing the Traffic Education Park, which will be established in 30 thousand square meters, to Şanlıurfa. 30 is designed on a thousand square meter area, which is composed of 10 thousand square meters runway, so that all kinds of traffic rules can be trained. We are implementing a project to be completed in 2018. Turkey's youngest Ili, 670 thousand students and we have to learn traffic rules these young people. When we learn these, it takes us a long time to learn the traffic rules in the boulevards. We will prepare the protocol after the completion of the project with the training institutions so that we can get these trainings early. Our project will provide a very important function in learning the traffic rules. Everything is brought to life for man and for this project. Her

GAP Regional Development Administration President Sadrettin Karahocagil wished the project would be beneficial for Şanlıurfa.

Within the scope of the Traffic Training Park project, 30 acres of acres, green areas, experienced traffic instructors will be trained in the 14 acres by using cordless vehicles for primary and kindergarten students. The project will be completed in a short time in which a miniature city with 3 units, open air classrooms, overpass, bus stops, children's playground and a clover junction.

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