Test Break for Metro Expeditions in Izmir

The infrastructure project that prepares the İzmir subway for the future has come to an end. 16 December Saturday night 23.00-00.20 and 17 The 06.00-12.00 will be operated on the 90-XNUMX in the morning of December. Thanks to the new system, the XNUMX will be able to drive at intervals up to a second.

In the signaling infrastructure renewal project, which was initiated to provide faster and more comfortable transportation service in Izmir Metro, it has reached the final stage. For the test and transition works to be carried out in the last part of the project, the entire Fahrettin Altay - Evka 3 metro line will not be operated between 16-23.00 on Saturday, December 00.20, and 17-06.00 on Sunday, December 12.00. During this period, testing and transition processes of the new signaling system will be carried out. Metro services will be affected by the 13-hour part of the 7-hour study.

90 can be done once per second
İzmir Metro started a project study 2 years ago in order to develop the train system with a more advanced technological infrastructure by revising the signaling system which provides the safe route of the trains. The long and intensive work in the field has been largely completed. The test came to the stage of test and system transition. The project, which brings the metro to the next years' technology and prepares it to work in line with the new lines, will allow the frequency of the voyages to be made in intervals up to 90 seconds. Metro Inc. The General Directorate announced that additional flights are planned on the same routes with ESHOT buses in order to prevent the citizens from being victims.

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