Today in History: 26 December 2016 Izmir Karşıyaka on the tram line ...

26 by 2016
26 by 2016

📩 25/12/2018 16:47

Today in History
26 December 1860 Izmir-Üçpınar (Triyande) route (7 shaft), which is the first railway in Anatolia, was opened for operation.
26 December 1916 Kemerburgaz-Çiftalan Line was completed.
26 December 1939 On Circular on the tenure of the railway operation was published.
26 December 1941 Arda Bridge near Edirne and Alexandroupolis-Kırklareli-Burgaz Railway were rebuilt. Diyarbakır-Sinan line (85 km) will be opened in the press.
26 December 2016 Izmir Karşıyaka test drives started on the tram line.

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