Akçaray Sekapark - Plajyolu tram line tender was made

2017 is extending the Akçaray tram line, which was offered to the citizens in August by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The 2.2 kilometer Akçaray Tram line, which will start from Seka State Hospital and extend to the Beach Road, is aimed at facilitating the transportation of Izmit Schools District with the bazaar. In this way, students in schools in the region will accelerate access to the bazaar. Metropolitan Municipality held a tender for the realization of the project. Sat Three companies submitted bids for the session at 11.00. Ray Energy Construction has given the lowest bid with 21 million 271 thousand TL and Metroray Construction has given the highest bid with 34 million 859 thousand TL.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is extending the Akçaray Tram line in order to make it easier for students who are studying in Izmit Schools region to reach the bazaar. As a result of the tender realized within the scope of 2.2 km project, Metropolitan Municipality will state that the work will be done in two parts from the winning company. Thousand 600 meters Seka State Hospital - the first part of the School District, 300 will be made per day, especially for the education of students. The second part of the project, 600 meters, will be completed in 240 days. The entire project will be completed in 540 days. Thus, the project consists of two parts in order to ensure that the students studying in the Metropolitan Municipality schools region do not wait for the completion of the project.


4 new station will be built on Akçaray Tram line, which is appreciated by the people of Kocaeli with daily use records. 2.2 km stations will be located at Seka State Hospital, Convention Center, Schools District and Beach Road. With the addition of the 15 km tram line to the existing 5 km tram line, the length of the tram line in Kocaeli will be increased to 20 km. It is planned to take the line to Kuruçeşme and further in the future.


In addition to 12 vehicles operating on the existing tram line of the Metropolitan Municipality, the new tramway project for the new tramway project will be bought by 6. As a result of the circular of the relevant ministry, at least 51 of the tram cars will be composed of vehicles produced by domestic production. In addition to the 12 tramway vehicle in the hands of the Metropolitan Municipality, this number will be increased to 6 by adding a new tramway vehicle.


Companies Offers
Emre Ray Energy Construction 21 million 271 thousand TL
ENS Metro Construction + Best Construction 32 million 869 thousand TL
Metroray Construction 34 million 859 thousand TL


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