Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Cadres Will Use Public Transport

📩 19/12/2018 17:25

In accordance with the circular issued by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, all the Metropolitan senior management, including department branch managers and heads of departments, will now use public transportation in urban transportation.

President Nihat Çiftçi, who started the application, said, "Our aim is to develop our city with a common mind by listening to the demands and suggestions of our people."

In Şanlıurfa, the public transportation service, which is preferred by an average of 190 thousand people per day, has met with another innovation. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi's work on 'Using Metropolitan Public Transport', which was put into practice in order to become more intertwined with the public and listen to the demands and suggestions in one-to-one relationships, was given.

2 located in the city center. At the Transfer Center, President Nihat Çiftçi, who met with all metropolitan senior management and got on the bus, gave information to the passengers about the works of Metropolitan Municipality by listening to the problems of the people during his trip.


Within the scope of the initiated study, while the entire metropolitan senior management traveled to different routes, Mayor Çiftçi preferred a flight to Harran University. With the students in the bus sohbet Farmers who Mr President, with an average age of 19 the youngest city in Turkey, he said that the matter needed to create a cadre of youth in Sanliurfa.


In Turkey, the cheapest public transport Farmers who added that they serve the President, expressed that they do daily average of 190 thousand passenger transportation. Stating that they will receive the suggestions of the citizens with this awareness study, Mayor Çiftçi said, “Within the scope of the awareness project, we are carrying out such a study together with our Secretary General, Deputy Secretary Generals, General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Department Heads and Branch Managers. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality is the address that carries out the cheapest public transportation service among the municipalities.

These public transportation services carried out by our Department of Transportation are carried out in a quality manner. As the city, we are signing new projects in transportation and public transportation. The Trambus project, which is quiet, noiseless and energy-friendly, is currently being implemented in our city. The survey and planning work of the tram project is finished and preparations are underway at the project implementation point. The transportation master plan of Şanlıurfa is issued and we attach importance to the steps in this direction.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality carries 190 thousand lives daily. As a Metropolitan Mayor, I issued a circular to create this awareness, control our practices and get the results. As the Metropolitan Mayor, we, our general secretary, general managers, department heads and branch managers will use public transportation from now on ”.


Mayor Çiftçi's application also received full marks from students using public transportation. Farmers president and he was happy to make the trip with Harran University students stating that this practice should be an example for all of Turkey, the President thanked the farmer and the Metropolitan staff due to the sensitivity.

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