Increased Public Investments in Transportation

Turkey, will spend the next year 85 billion pounds of public investment.

Turkey began to realize huge projects in the last ten years. Among the projects implemented are the Eurasian Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Marmaray.

The ongoing projects include Istanbul's suburban lines, the Grand Istanbul Tunnel and the Third Airport. In Turkey, constantly increasing the money spent on public investments. Accordingly, last year the share of investments increased by ten percent. The share of public investments in this year reached seventy-seven billion six hundred million liras. The next year, the amount is expected to increase to eighty five billion hundred million pounds. The share of public investments in the 2002 year was% 6,6. Together with the new year, this share will be up to% 11,2.

In the projects made for transportation at the beginning, the highways were the most constructed. According to this, in the 2003 year, the motorways, which are one thousand seven hundred and four kilometers long, have now reached up to two thousand six hundred and twenty-two kilometers. It was calculated that the total amount of divided roads completed was twenty-three thousand four hundred and fifteen kilometers. Eighty-three tunnels have been constructed from 2003 up to now, fifty kilometers long, while the viaducts have risen from five thousand nine hundred to eight thousand.

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