Protocol Signed for Automotive Testing Center

A protocol was signed for the Automotive Testing Center in Yenişehir, Bursa.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü stated that the Automotive Testing Center Project carried out by the Turkish Standards Institute also included the Ministry of Development, and that they would like to include the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in terms of being wider and more inclusive.

Concise, 2 November at the signing ceremony held in 2017, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, the minister and to produce the first domestic brand cars in Turkey consisting set out and 5 company reminded that met the joint venture group.

Pointing out that the project in question has a history, Özlü said:

"I'm on about 18 18 months and months during such a national consortium in Turkey the issue of how we work is created. Our TOBB President has made contributions. This one company from Bursa 5 firms, others very large reputable firms of Turkey. These companies are also exporters, ie those who export abroad and have investments abroad. We have companies operating in communication, automotive industry, electronics and white goods. 2 2017 2 2017 1 December XNUMX today. So the month has passed XNUMX months. Today we are going to sign a signature for the Automotive Test Center here. Bugün

Özlü said that the Automotive Test Center Project was a work that they talked a lot about for a long time but did not get much distance. Ik Hüseyin Şahin (AK Party Bursa deputy) would always ask me. We work together in the Assembly. Our friends from Yenisehir also came to visit. We have told them that we will always follow this project well, but now we are actually in accordance with the schedule of the domestic brand car project, so what is the calendar there? 24 + 24.So the first 24 moon design, the second 24 month is the mass production phase. We will implement the test center in accordance with the schedule of the project. Pro

Concise, while the realization of Turkey's Automotive Test Center Car of the project while simultaneously emphasizing that, "just because design is not sufficient to produce. You have to test it and confirm it. Therefore, the central Automotive Testing Center or ground vehicle testing center we will build here is extremely important. If we are going to build a domestic brand, we definitely need a test center. Here, the test center that we will sign today will meet this need. I

”We will also establish automobile factories in other countries“

"We'll just make the car for Turkey." Said Minister Quotations, said: "

We're gonna do this car for the world. We'il sell this car to the whole world. We're not just targeting the domestic market. Already today we are exporting the 80 percent of the cars produced in Turkey. Thus, the domestic brand car, the car will be made in Turkey Turkey's exports of the products will be exported at the beginning of the future. I hope we will establish automobile factories in other countries as well as other countries in the future. In the automotive sector in Turkey has a serious infrastructure. The last 50-60 is the main industry, year-end industry, design engineers, manufacturing engineers. Technically, we have no problems. We only unique to Turkey, we want to make a brand unique to Turkey. How Germany, Japan, known for several brands come to mind, when it is said Turkey also hope we will build a brand name so that Turkey spouses around the world, we will have a brand that comes to mind. "

Deputy Prime Minister Cavusoglu and Minister Ozlu, then signed the protocol.

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