Nostalgic Tram Starts in Düzce

The tram, which the public is curious about, started its activities on the pedestrianized Istanbul Avenue. The tram, which served from Düzce Municipality to the Military Office, attracted great interest from the citizens on the first day of its journey. Traveling in the tram, Düzcels shared their thoughts on the Öncü Haber microphone. Common demand; The tram line served for a longer distance.

The nostalgic tram, which was expected to be in operation for a long time, came into service at the end.

Tram services officially started
The tram line works that have been going on for months on the 4th of July night at Istanbul Street, which closed to the traffic of the car as of 24.00, were completed in October. For the first time in Denizli Duzce brought to the city's tram produced by a company after a period of time of about 1.5 months tram was officially launched as of today in Turkey.

Free for now…
The municipality has not yet made a statement about whether or not the transportation fee tariff will be applied for the tram ride that is free for the time being.

Citizens showed interest
Citizens from the front of the front of the station in front of the Dagce Municipality, which served until the military branch showed great interest. Most Düzlen, who traveled on the tram during the expedition, recorded those moments on his cell phone.

We extended the microphone in the tram
On the first day of the highly anticipated trolley, Öncü News team handed a microphone to citizens and took their thoughts. All citizens who share their views expressed the demand for the tram line to serve at longer distances.

Citizens want distance to be extended
Ayşe Gündüz, one of the first passengers of the tram, said, “We found the tram service good. It is nice to go sightseeing like this, but it should be extended to the hospital. This distance is short. ” said. Sezgin Aydın said, “We are pleased with the service, but we would have asked Kervan to go to the hospital. The distance has been short. ” he spoke.

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