Suspected negligence in train crash in France

Investigation into the accident, which led to the death of 6 people as a result of a collision of a school bus and train in the southwest of France, continues.

In a short statement to the prosecutor, the bus driver, who was seriously injured in the accident, said the railroad barrier was open.

This statement led to the comment that the accident was caused by the negligence of the National Railway Administration. The National Railways Administration denied the driver with a statement.

People of the region complain that there are frequent and even such problems. A French passenger voiced his views as follows: “This is not the first time this type of accident happened. This accident is really bad, but there have been some such accidents before. It is necessary to look at how well the maintenance and repair services are done. ”

Those who died in the accident, students aged 11 to 17. 11 people were injured, 20 of whom were heavy in the accident that stricken the country. Officials say this drama is the biggest train crash in France in the past 30 years.

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