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Idle finds Wagon Repair Plant of preparing a report to be licensed warehouse logistics base and apricot Nationalist Movement Party Provincial Chairman Bulent Avsar, "Wagon after Repair Factory to become logistic bases, and in a licensed warehouse and apricot commodity exchanges to be opened in the apricot overseas markets stock and the value of the product will increase further. The export value of the apricot, which still stands at 400 million dollars, could be as high as 2 billion dollars. Hal

A report was prepared by the Malatya Provincial Directorate of the Nationalist Operations Party (MHP) for the Wagon Repair Factory, which has been idle for years, to become a logistics base and an apricot licensed warehouse. Providing information about the report prepared in the party building of the party, MHP Provincial President Bülent Avşar said: “It is very important to establish a licensed warehouse both in the logistics village and in the logistics village, since Malatya contains 80% of the world dried apricot market. . The request to establish a licensed warehouse for apricot in Malatya was published in the official newspaper in 2013 and a licensed warehouse and building of about 40 thousand tons was needed. In this context, it has been evaluated that it will be an appropriate decision to use the land and factory area of ​​the region, which has been established in our province and has been left to decay for 40 years, as a logistic village and licensed warehouse. Malatya is a city with geopolitical importance connecting East-West-South and north regions. To use this advantage, it was decided to establish a logistics base in our city. The logistic base area in the Ankara boiler region has been examined and it has been evaluated that the similar logistics base will be the most ideal place due to the fact that the wagon repair factory in our province is idle, the railway passes through it, and it is close to the highway connection, and close to the Malatya OSB region. The Hassa tunnel, which will connect Gaziantep and İskenderun Bay to each other, has been tendered and thus, faster transportation will be provided to the port of İskenderun via Gaziantep. This work will come to life two years later. Thus, Malatya will take a big share in this connection, as logistics route will be provided to the Black Sea from İskenderun, Gaziantep, Malatya and Sivas regarding the connection of the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Since the new port of Malatya will be the port of İskenderun, not Mersin, the transportation expense, which is the biggest expense of our businessmen in our city, will decrease, and exports will be faster. ”


Avşar continued his words as follows: “The wagon repair factory planned to be established in our city and the place where the licensed warehouse area will be located is the property of Sümer Holding A.Ş. There are 764 islands, 443, 141, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 parcels with a total area of ​​12 thousand 13 square meters within the boundaries of Kuyulu Village in Malatya Province, Yeşilyurt District. The plot no. 9 is 175 thousand square meters, the closed area suitable for storage is 48 thousand square meters and consists of 6 halls. Each hall in the area is 8 thousand square meters and 4 of these halls will be suitable for use for 32 thousand square meters licensed warehouse. One of the halls will be used for atmospheric compressed cold storage, other storage apricot concentrate unit and by-products. 9. There is an administrative building in the parcel no. And it can be used by making modifications and repairs. The fact that the existing area is on Kayseri and Adana Highway and that it is next to the railway line provides a great added value logistically. Two types of storage can be made horizontally and vertically in the warehouse. When storing horizontally, 1 thousand tons of apricot can be stored in one square meter, and 32 thousand tons of apricot can be stored if vertical storage is made.

The existing building in the idle Wagon repair factory is the ideal place for this investment and if the wagon repair factory is evaluated in this area, the 50 will not be spent on a million TL investment. For the 40 years, the idle Wagon repair factory, which is not solved by politicians, will be evaluated with this project. Licensed warehousing will add value to Malatya apricot. Right now, the peasants immediately after collecting the product, such as medicines, craftsmanship etc. because of the debts of the product immediately by selling a very small income. However, the product to be brought to the licensed warehouse will be given a product tick with the support of the state and the peasant will make more income by cashing this product in the bank of his choice. With this study, the rent of some monarchists in our city will be reduced to less. It will also provide better quality and long-lasting marketing of apricot at home and abroad. Thanks to the licensed warehouse, it will be prevented that the farmer will be using apricot to process the apricot for longer years or to process with other chemicals. Immediately after farmer's harvest

Since there is no place where he can store his product, he will have to sell the apricots at a lower price since he has to sell them urgently. Thanks to the licensed warehouse, the product will be kept under the supervision of food engineers and stored under certain hygienic conditions in hygienic conditions. After the license application is made for the licensed warehouse, a Specialized Exchange Exchange for Apricot will be formed and the world dry apricot prices will be determined in Malatya. After the wagon repair factory has been transformed into a logistic base, the licensed warehouse and apricot product specialized stock market will be opened to the overseas market exchanges and the value of the product will increase. The export value of the apricot, which still stands at 400 million dollars, can be as high as 2 billion dollars. It is obvious that intermediaries now earn money from this system, except for the peasant. Şu


Avşar: traktör Thanks to the licensed warehouse, the farmer registration system registered to our province for 50 thousand farmers, all villagers received fertilizer, diesel oil, tractor, tractor tire and so on. In the products, licensed warehouse authorities will make mass agreements and provide cheaper supply, thus reducing the production inputs of farmers. Most of the apricot export in our province is realized through Mersin port. The annual 5 bin truck apricot is shipped to this port. The 1 tractor is shipped at the 1800 TI level. This issue has been consulted with the State Railways officials and it has been evaluated that the 2 container will be transported by 1 wagon and will be transported with a transportation cost of 550 TL. In this case, the 3 TL thousand transportation expense will be reduced to 550 TL. In the case of the delivery of annual 5 bin lorries, the transportation costs of our businessmen will also be reduced in the subjects such as diesel, fuel filler, etc. This study is also important in the factories located in the OSB region. Annual 25 thousand Thousand of raw material input and product output in our province in the region of the OSB railway transportation transport will be significantly reduced due to transportation. In case Malatya wagon repair factory is a logistics center, the Customs clearance process will be completed directly in Malatya and will be shipped to Mersin port by train. In addition, the construction work of the Hassa Tunnel, which will connect the East and Southeast region to the Gulf of Iskenderun, has been tendered and the transportation will be reduced by 50 due to the arrival of the apricot from our province to the port of Iskenderun. In this sense, the railway connection within the Hassa Tunnel will be extremely important for our region. If the logistic village and the free zone are established, then a significant customs tax advantage will be provided for the importer and exporter in our region.

Logistics Base in Truck Park, Railway Loading Overlay Areas, Customs Directorate, Fuel Oil

Station, Auto repair shops, Auto tires, Health center, Banking and insurance branches, PTT, Market, Mosque, Hotel, Warehouse Warehouses, Customs brokers TSO office Agricultural Provincial Directorate Branch, Commodity Exchange Office and so on. such as in official institutions. Currently, a businessman who wants to export apricot in our city is having difficulties due to the fact that the relevant units are in scattered and separate regions. Thanks to this study, exporters will be able to export faster.

A new investment area will be born for businessmen who would like to invest in a logistics firm and licensed warehouse to be established in Malatya. 100 has been built in 2012 to 5 Million Dollars in Ankara, and 3 has become a profitable and self-paying investment. Daily 500 thousand lorries have reached a position of entry and exit. As the most important advantage of the Malatya logistics base will be the land and railway logistic base, Silkroad Trade will also gain importance again with the newly built Baku-Tbilisi Kars railway. Both the highway and the East Southeast transports will be further operational. Thanks to this system, a employment of approximately 100 will be provided in the logistics village and licensed warehousing activities. With this study, it will be ensured that the exporter union is in our province. While there is an exporter union in Erzurum which is the export of 400 million dollars, XNUMX will be ensured to be the center of export union of our province since there is no exporter union in our city which has export of million dollars. In Malatya, we consider the results of logistic bases and licensed warehousing as the Nationalist Movement party Malatya provincial chairman and we hope to see the decisions taken. As the MHP Provincial Directorate on the subject we would like to state that we will be meticulously and will apply to the necessary authorities frequently. Kon

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