Great response to social media traffic on the road to Metrobus!

With the Metrobus, hundreds of thousands of citizens in Istanbul have begun to rebel against traffic. Traffic in the metrobuses, such as traffic on motorways, caused many people to criticize in social media. Here are the reactions from the social media.

Thousands of people started to criticize the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from the social media. Here are comments from social media about metrobus traffic.


Faruk Dikmen @FarukDikmen
# The Metrobus line is running a new record. CevizliIt took the 32 min from İncirli to the vineyard! We continue to progress at the same speed.

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E-5 more than metrobus traffic traffic to the road to the right to be shown to the interests of the metrobus.

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@ibbBeyazmasa @4444154 is going step by step since metrobus walnut. Is the car broken down or why is it so slow?

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Metrobüs tın tın asabım goes down

ebru birgül @ebruyasam1
Istanbul a careler desperate metrobus even merter den hurt the 15 min

Kaan Güngör @SKaanGungor
Traffic on the road to metrobus to relieve traffic in Istanbul occurred. With the tools on the E5, the metrobus is going at the same speed and step by step.

Oğuzhan @deusdeusmeus
There is a metrobus traffic that takes between 10 minutes

Tumin @tumiinercan
At the moment, the e-5 can be more clear than the BRT road, who is breaking them again

KURTULUŞ @KurtiAkkan
Metrobus traffic is outpacing the 4 stop at 20dk

77gguzel @77gguzel
Metrobus anchored in figs.


İBB Beyazmasa @ibbBeyazmasa

There has been a short-term failure in our Metrobus line and instant intervention has been performed by the teams.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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