Star of the Mediterranean

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

İzmir was the owner of the "Environment Friendly City Award", which was given for the first time this year within the framework of the Barcelona Convention, which is the party of 21 countries and the European Union. İzmir has once again confirmed its environmental awareness by outperforming its rivals in Israel and Croatia.

Examples of environmental investments in Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the world took place in the showcase. Izmir's local management, the Mediterranean aimed at the protection against pollution, bordering the Mediterranean along with Turkey, 21 countries and the European Union is party to the Barcelona Convention under this year for the first time, the "Istanbul Eco-Friendly City Award" was the owner of nudes. In the competition where 17 cities in the Mediterranean participated and where Croatia and Crikvenica and Israel were together with Tel Aviv, İzmir was awarded the title of "Environment Friendly City". UN Environment Program / Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) Coordinator Gaetona Leone thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who contributed to the sustainable development of Mediterranean cities by sending a congratulatory message. It was announced that the award will be presented at the meeting of the 19th Barcelona Convention to be held in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on December 20.

Electronically voted

The UN Environment Program / Mediterranean Action Plan initiated the “Environment Friendly City Award” process to recognize and reward Mediterranean authorities' efforts to improve the environment and quality of life and to promote sustainable development in cities on the Mediterranean coast. Since the Barcelona Convention was decided at the meeting held by the parties in Istanbul, the name of the award was determined as “Istanbul Environment Friendly City” at the meeting held in Athens last year. The Technical Committee, supported by three independent experts, has voted among 17 Mediterranean cities, Izmir, Croatia, Crikvenica and Israel's Tel Aviv as the "final group", and submitted them to the public electronically. The city chosen as a result of the voting was İzmir. It was announced that this year's competition will be repeated every 2 years for the first time.

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