New Year Setting in Public Transportation in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to enter 2018 with the ediy Mirkelam and Kargo layan concert in Cumhuriyet Square. Metropolitan Municipality, the New Year's 'outside' will spend the transportation for the people of Izmir, also increased.

Izmir is preparing to make a very colorful entry to 2018 again. 31 December 2017 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which will host a concert to be performed by master musicians on Sunday night, has completed all preparations. Izmir's local government, citizens to avoid any difficulties in transportation of İZBAN, Metro, bus, ferry and tram services also increased the frequency.

”Raccoon Role Disco Party“
In the concert at Cumhuriyet Square, Mirkelam, one of the most important names of Turkish pop music engraved as a kurucu running man Türk, and Cargo, one of the founding groups of Turkish rock music, will take the stage. The duo will also perform the songs of the album deki Rakın Rol Disko Parti lendir. As every year, tens of thousands of people from Izmir, who will welcome Christmas at the Republic Square, will be a partner in this enthusiastic entertainment. The celebration program of the Metropolitan Municipality will start at 21.00. New Year's entertainment in Republic Square will be colored with fireworks and light shows.

Buses will run until 02.20
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 31 December 2017 night will support the urban public transportation. General Directorate of ESHOT, Metro and İZBAN connected to the main arterial and some lines of voyage to the last expeditions extended to 01.30 and 02.20. 24: Gaziemir-00 with 06 and 00 between 910 hours, Çiğli-Konak with 920 number, Bornova-Mansion with 930, Buca-Konak with 940 and Balçova-Konak lines with 950 to be served from Xanthambah bus lines from Konak Bahribaba bus with 30 minutes It was reported.

The last time at Metro is at 01.20
Izmir Metro, 31 06.00-12.00 7,5 minutes between December, 12.00 minutes, 20.00-6 minutes between 20.00 minutes and 01.20-7,5 minutes between the minutes will perform with 1. 2018 January 06.00 The 12.00-19.30 and 00.20-7,5 will be available once in a week. 12.00 and 20.00 hours between the frequency of 6 minutes will be.

Additional services in İZBAN
New year's night in İZBAN Halkapınar'den Tepeköy direction 01: 17 and 01: 45 hours will be two separate times. These trains will depart from Alsancak in 01: 26 and 01: 53. The first additional time will end in Tepeköy and the other in Cumaovası.
From Alsancak to Aliağa, there will be two trips to 01: 16 and 01: 24. These trains will be removed from Halkapınar at 01: 34 and 01: 45. The first additional time will end in Aliaga and the other will end in Menemen.

Karşıyaka Streetcar
Izmir Metro AS, 31 December Sunday night Karşıyaka He extended the Tramway expeditions to 01.00. 06.00'da morning flights will start at intervals of 10 minutes.

Steamboat up to 03.00
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZDENIZ General Directorate, between the two collar at the beginning of the morning until the early morning transport will continue. Sea transport will be supplemented by additional flights. Karşıyaka The last time from the port 02.45 hours, Alsancak pier will be held at 03.00.

31 December 2017 On Sunday and 1 January 2017 Monday, UM Sunday timetable Aralık will be applied.

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