Student Cards Visa Procedures Continue in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Kentkart
Kocaeli Kentkart

The visa procedures of the discounted student cards organized by the Travel Card units of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department continue. For discounted student travel cards, visas can be issued automatically via Kentkart automatic filling devices and filling points via YÖKSİS and MEBSİS web service without sending a student certificate during the balance loading.


For discounted student travel cards, visas can be issued automatically via Kentkart automatic filling devices and filling points through the web service of YÖKSİS and MEBSİS without filling out a student certificate. In addition, the visa procedures of discounted student cards can be made automatically by the Kentkart filling dealers during the filling process.


01 Student cards, which are not issued until January 2018, will be converted into full type. The students have to complete their Student Travel Cards with the balance sheet at Kentkart filling points. Visa transactions will be continued from Kentkart filling points and automatic filling devices until 01.03.2018.


In accordance with the Regulation on Travel Cards, students who have the right to work for any reason but cannot have an automatic visa process and are not subject to a visa will be eligible to have their visa issued by the Metropolitan Travel Cards Units. In this process, travel cards can be updated by applying to the travel cards units together with the new student certificate and Student Travel Cards. In this context, students from primary, secondary and high school students are not required.

Who can help?

Students can benefit from discounted travel cards, students in formal education institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and students studying under the Law on Higher Education Institutions. Students who do not benefit from student rights and who have taken a Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program cannot benefit. In addition, primary, secondary and high school students who receive formal education in accordance with the Laws of Basic Education and other laws, 3308 No. 11. Students who are studying under the Apprenticeship Training Act and open high school students who are not enrolled in 20 can benefit. Students of course and students cannot benefit from the student discount.


The Directorate of Public Transport has made important explanations on visa requirements for travel profits. According to this, the student is completely free of visa procedures and no dealer can charge a visa fee. In addition, it was informed that it was the cardholder's responsibility to issue a visa on the cards that could not be processed for any reason. The board is not responsible for the payment of the cards with full wages due to the absence of a visa. All responsibility is in the students.

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