If there is no longest distance fee in Izmirim Card, IZBAN will not be allowed!

izban voyage program to be applied in daily restriction in izmir
izban voyage program to be applied in daily restriction in izmir

Izmir is talking about the hike to be made for urban transportation starting from January 1st. However, the issue discussed more than the hike is to make the Aliağa-Selçuk İZBAN line connecting the city on the north-south axis to be prepaid. Passengers who get on İZBAN from any stop will be blocked the distance of their money from Izmirim Card, and their money will be returned to their card according to the tariff at the stop they landed. In this case, the passenger who wants to travel one stop will not be able to board İZBAN if he does not have the balance to cover the longest distance fare on his card.

The public transport in Izmir 1 will raise the 10 by January. According to the decision taken in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, the full ticket with 2.60 TL will be increased to 2.86 TL and the student ticket with 1,50 TL will be increased to 1,65 TL.

This time, a different practice is imposed on the people of Izmir, who are accustomed to the routine hikes of the labor enemy of the CHP municipality. According to the application to be implemented on the İZBAN line, the farest distance fee from the Izmirim Card of the passengers using this line will be blocked, and will be refunded to a certain card balance according to the tariff where they landed.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu explained this practice with the following words:

“In the suburban line İZBAN in 2018, the pricing system will be changed starting February 15. Pay as you go logic will be valid. The price of the farthest distance will be deducted from the card balance according to the station being boarded, and the card will be refunded according to the station landed. Full ticket money will be received first. For every kilometer after 25 kilometers, 7 kurus from the full ticket, 60 kurus for 65-4 years old citizens and students, and 5 kurus for teachers will be charged. For example, the longest distance from the airport station is Aliağa station and it is 76 kilometers. The distance fee of 6,48 pounds will be blocked from the card at the time of boarding. In Menemen, after 51 kilometers, 1,75 TL will be returned to the card after the card is re-scanned. "


A higher price than Izmirim Card will be blocked for longer distances than the example provided by Kocaoğlu. The passengers who make the prepayment at the boarding of İZBAN will be refunded to their cards according to the tariff of the station they landed on.

In this case, the passenger who wants to travel one stop will not be able to board İZBAN if he does not have the balance that covers the longest distance on his İzmirim Card.


Citizens who reacted to this practice announced by Kocaoğlu on social media shared the following:

“With this application, if there is a limit of 7 lira on your card, İZBAN will no longer be able to ride. In addition, congestion will increase in exit turnstiles. There is no difference between the logic that privatizes the highways and gets money from citizens because it uses the country's road and this logic. Even with this application, even the train in the city is seen as a highway, and people are made HGS themselves. To support public transportation is not to charge more transportation than people. This application causes increased ownership of private vehicles. In addition, most people using long lines are workers. ”

Source : haber.sol.org.t is

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