10% Hike in Public Transportation in Izmir

Izmir eshot metro tram izdeniz and izbana saturday arrangement
Izmir eshot metro tram izdeniz and izbana saturday arrangement

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has decided to increase the percentage of urban transport to the city by 10. According to the new tariff 2 60 2 full ticket 86 lira XNUMX penny rose to kuruşi. In addition, you pay as you go in İZBAN

Public transportation got its share from the hike of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality, which made a hike to drinking water three times in a year, decided to raise buses, subways, ferries, trams and İZBAN, which are used by approximately 1 million 800 thousand people every day, before the upcoming New Year. The new price tariff, which was sent to the commission at the municipal council meeting held the previous day, was approved by the majority of votes against the rejection of the AK Party Council Members in the municipal council meeting. According to the new tariff, which will be valid as of January 1, the full ticket, which is 10 TL 2 kuruş, has increased to 60 TL 2 Kuruş with a 86 percent increase. Students also got their share of the higher tariff. The student and 1-year-old tickets for 50 lira and 60 kurus increased to 1 lira 65 kurus, and the teacher boarding from 2 lira increased to 2 lira 20 kurus. 3-pass ticket is 10, 5-pass ticket is 15, 10-pass ticket is 29 TL.


Instead of the fixed price paid before, the 'Pay as you go' system came to İZBAN. A new pricing system was prepared by taking into account the distance between Aliağa and Selçuk. Accordingly, the normal boarding fee will be deducted from the citizens for the first 25 kilometers. Then, 7 cents will be deducted from the full ticket, 4 cents from the student, and 5 cents from the teacher per kilometer. In addition, a total of 4 boarding passes (11.44 TL) must be loaded on the card. Because when boarding İZBAN, the money for the entire line will be withdrawn from the card at the turnstile, then after getting off the train, the card will be printed at the turnstile again, and the distance will be calculated and the amount will be returned to the card. Thus, only the amount of money traveled will be deducted. The new price tariff will come into effect from February 15, 2018. The fact that İZBAN's line rent to TCDD reached 280 million liras was effective in the transition to the 'Pay as you go' system in İZBAN. – MORNING

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