Description of the tram accident of Izmir Metro revolted

When İzmir Metro accused Disaster Soyer who was killed in a tram accident, his son Yiğit Tunca rebelled: Yi Why was the Metropolitan not taking pedestrian protection? İzmir

İzmir Metro, affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement about the accident in which 18-year-old Disaster Soyer died under the tram on December 66, "apology is greater than his misdemeanor". While the experts warned that similar accidents could increase even more with the opening of the Konak line of the tram, İzmir Metro officials put all the blame on the accident to Afet Soyer.


In the statement, it was argued that Disaster Soyer, who was deaf, continued to walk towards the line by looking against the direction of the train, despite all the warnings, and that contact with the pedestrian took place despite the driver activating the emergency brakes of the train and making maximum braking. In the statement, it was stated that the tram driver had no fault in line with the traffic accident detection report. Yiğit Tunca, the son of Afet Soyer, who died as a result of the crash of the tram, reacted to the statement of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that her mother used hearing aids and changed her battery every day, Tunca said, “My mother had no disability or health problems. Moreover, a person may be deaf or visually impaired. Disability should not be an excuse for them, they should take the necessary precautions, ”he said. This statement of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turned its eyes to other provinces with tram lines. It was noteworthy that while barrier measures were taken against pedestrians on tram lines by the CHP Metropolitan Municipality in Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Konya, Antalya, Gaziantep and even Eskişehir, no measures were taken in Izmir. In Izmir, it was observed that only pedestrians were warned with a sign to use the "pedestrian crossing".


The tram accident that cost Soyer's life, Karşıyaka Bostanli Caher Dudayev Boulevard occurred near the Atakent Stop.

Afet Soyer, a retired worker living in Evka 5, set out to go to the eye hospital for treatment. Afet Soyer, who got on the bus from Çiğli, got off at Atakent.

Afet Soyer, who wanted to cross the road with heavy traffic passing through the middle of the tram line, passed the middle referral. Afet Soyer didn't notice the tram wagon coming from the other side of the street.

The driver of the tram from Mavişehir to Alaybey direction is Ç.G. Meanwhile, he frequently warned the pedestrian by pressing the horn. Disaster Soyer, who did not hear the horn, collapsed in pain as a result of the accident. Ambulance and rescue teams were called to the scene by the surrounding citizens to rescue Soyer, who was dragged under the tram. Afet Soyer, who was seriously injured from under the tramway with the help of a traffic tractor passing the scene at that time, was taken to Çiğli Regional Training Hospital, but could not be saved.

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