The Time Of Travel With Credit Card In Gaziantep Transportation

Within the scope of Gaziantep Kart Sistemi applications implemented by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the period of traveling with non-contact credit card started.

Within the scope of the “Mastercard-Gaziantep Public Transportation Project” initiated by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Mastercard, citizens will be able to use their contactless credit cards in museums and zoos operated by the municipality through public transportation system.

Taking important steps in public transport with a view to facilitating transportation and open to innovation, Büyükşehir introduced a contactless credit card application in transportation. Now, passengers, only one of the features of Gaziantep Kart'un contactless credit cards, buses, trams as well as public transportation vehicles, museums and the zoo will be able to use. Thus, it will be possible for citizens without Gaziantep Card to travel.

Speaking at the opening of the introductory meeting, Mayor Fatma Şahin considered the coordination and time of time as time to move with time.

Zaman In order to increase the quality of life of our city, we have completed an important work with our stakeholders and partners in order to increase the quality of life of our city in order to increase the quality of life of our city, in said Şahin. . It shows that those who do not change themselves will change, and those who do not renew themselves will be renewed. Competition, entrepreneurship and creativity are now rising values ​​in the world. The spirit of time is experiencing great freedoms very quickly with the age of knowledge and technology, great opportunities and great blessings. Now cities are racing, individuals race in countries race, but now there is another race, cities are competing. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we promised our fellow citizens 3,5 years ago to feel the privilege and awareness of living in this city. All of the infrastructure work requested from us, and superstructure, giant projects have passed. Turkey's biggest types of transportation, housing projects, water projects and dams, the largest underground project continues

We have told our people that by taking the center of the human being into a smart city with the change of the spirit of the time and offering these technological opportunities to their quality of life. President of the Founding Family and Social Policies Ministry and the mayor of the mayor when we nominate us a president's time to run the information budget and man said he needed to conduct. Our new life standards are our biggest job to take to the foot of our citizens, who will do it with you, before your team's vision will fit in with your institutional capacity. While we are trying to reduce our hands to increase our resources to increase our resources in financial management municipality, we started the Transportation Master plan about transportation but we had to do urgent work. First, we have made an immediate action plan and immediately we have measured the loss of transport and citizen dissatisfaction in transportation.

The 2014 had a heavy-duty system. Such a system could not be sustained, but it was necessary to ban it immediately, and we had to put a will on it because if you don't believe it, you can't do it. Because you don't know what goes in there, you don't know. 6 you do not know the new software in the current structure of the current competitive structure is no longer suitable, hardware and software, the citizen satisfaction and the system can not realize that we could not realize. We have made great efforts to manage their own systems together with the friends we worked with before, but since they could not solve their current problems because they said that they have developed enough in their field, the 12 annual contract was frozen and we had to make a new decision. In making this decision, I told my friends, 'In theory and practice, we will find out who is the best to do this, but who will we go to them and listen to our citizens in that city'. I am going to many cities in Antalya. We said we should manage this transition right and make the right decisions. Because everyone on the day of a Ramadan 10 returned home, the system was blocked and we had to make very fast decisions. We managed the crisis, we made very fast decisions, but we thank you very much today we have made the right decisions. Today I want to express that I lived a short time in both the current system realize whether or decrease the complaints of both citizens and Chicago data'm in London with racing is integrated into a system of Turkey's best models of great honor and happiness of being able to come into the bays able to spot such 6 months.

If you make the right decisions with the right team at the right time, you are going to the right conclusion We have a great happiness of being able to do it today in transportation but we have a lot of work to do. Together with our friends, we say something else every day, as Mevlana says, 'Yesterday I stayed yesterday, I have to say something new today.' With the credit card transportation system used, the United Nations from the United Kingdom is one of the successors of the European Union.

Mastercard Vice President Onur Kurşun said, “This increasing population in metropolitan cities brings with it some difficulties. The life of all of us is fast-paced, the thing we all need the most is time. kazanWe quickly accept and start using the solutions that are resistant. Of course, the most important leg of this is smart solutions and smart cities Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is also the leader in smart cities and smart solutions in Turkey.”

Kentkart co-founder Ahmet Basmacı also said that they are working on projects that will guide the future in public transportation systems, and that they are currently working in 12 in 40 city.

After the speeches, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma President Sahin, contactless credit card system used the bus.

For the promotion of the project, citizens will be able to benefit from public transport 15 times free of charge by using contactless Mastercard credit cards, valid every Monday until January 2018, 2.

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