Electric Buses Hit the Road in Gaziantep

A new step was taken in the Tor Smart City os sample practices implemented in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Toroslar EDAS. The electric bus models MD9 electricity supplied by AMSA TEA Under the project, Turkey's first smart park began its voyage in Tables Park.

Toroslar EDAŞ continues to work on the yıl Smart City te exemplary application launched in 2016 in Gaziantep. In the project esinde Critical Infrastructure Management in Intelligent Cities ılar (KRITA), which is the pioneer of şt Smart City inin applications carried out in coordination with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, lığı Smart City İş Project .


With the completion of the fast charging infrastructure within the scope of the project, MD9 ElectriCITY model electric buses supplied by TEMSA started service in Gaziantep Masal Park. The route of the bus was determined as the Bus Terminal-Bazaar. Along with the electric bus, a charging station was established in the GAZİULAŞ Bus Operation Garage. MD9 ElectriCITY bus, which is on the voyage, is planned to carry 472 passengers per day by ensuring the full vehicle capacity; Compared to a diesel vehicle operating on the same line, the bus, which is produced entirely with domestic technologies, will save an average of 0.26 liters per kilometer in fuel use. Electric buses, which can travel 240 kilometers a day and do not use any energy sources other than electricity, will prevent carbon emissions that will eliminate air pollution caused by exhaust gas. Turkey's first smart parking applications is scheduled for the end of the project.


In the project area to be implemented across the Fairy Tale Park, with the smart lighting system to be established, energy efficiency studies will be carried out in public lighting, and public 4G internet service will be provided in the parking area.

A fast charging infrastructure supporting electric mass transit solutions will be established and clean transportation systems will be introduced and tested in the cities. Studies will be carried out in order to increase the quality of electricity supply in the project area and to modernize the network, and the network structure will be strengthened with the m Energy Storage inin unit. With i Smartflower enebilir products with solar tracking mechanism to be installed in the park, high efficiency systems will be installed in the urban area to produce renewable energy. A software platform will be developed to coordinate the activities of municipal and infrastructure operators in urban areas. The developed software platform will enable the integrated management of the systems in the project area.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 17:10

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