Description of the Konya subway from the Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications announced that the tender preparations for the first stage of the Konya subway are continuing, the second stage will be offered to the 2018 investment program, and the second inspection station is planned to be opened at the end of February.

MHP Deputy Secretary General and Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı'nın Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications during the budget talks about Konya's transportation problems and investments in response to questions asked by the Minister Ahmet Arslan was given a written statement.

When Mustafa Kalaycı asked about the latest situation regarding Konya ring road, Konya metro and vehicle inspection station, “122 km of 71 km long Konya Ring Road is in the Investment Program. 22 km of 19 km between Karaman-Ereğli axis, which was included in the investment program of the road and tendered, was completed as a bitumen hot mix coated split road. The tender of 59 km between Karaman-Ankara axis has been tendered and works have been started by delivering the site. The project works of the 51 km section not included in the investment program are planned to be completed in 2018. There are 1 stationary vehicle inspection stations in Konya city center, 8 in Akşehir, Beyşehir, Ilgın, Karapınar, Seydişehir, Çumra and Ereğli districts. In addition, there are 2 mobile vehicle inspection stations and 1 mobile tractor inspection station. On the other hand, the construction of a second vehicle inspection station in the center of Konya continues and it is planned to be opened at the end of February 2018 ”.

“Konya Metro Subway Project Design Works Completed”

Konya Metro projects have been completed and said, “The first stage was added to the investment program 'Necmettin Erbakan University-YHT Station-FETH Avenue-Meram Municipality HRS Line' with the decision of 2 billion 727 million 257 thousand TL during the year. Tender preparations are ongoing. The second stage, 'Selçuk University Campus-Yeni YHT Gar-Meram Municipality HRS Line' will be offered to the 2018 year investment program ”.

“Konya 1 in the ranking of divided roads. Ranked "

Kalaycı said, 'The existing highway in Konya, which is larger than many countries, is zero kilometers. Is there a highway to pass through Konya in the vision study of 2035? ' “Although we do not have a highway work planned to pass in Konya, a total of 2003 km divided road network has been reached by building a 2017 km divided road between 920 and 1087. Briefly, between 2003 and 2017, our total divided road length increased by 551 percent. In the list of divided roads made in the last 15 years in our country, our province of Konya ranks first.

Total area of ​​1 million square meters, Konya Logistics Center continues to work, 9 percent physical progress is achieved, the plant is planned to be opened as of the end of 2018, 137 million 384 thousand pounds of the project's contract was recorded.

  • International flights and civil airport question

“Will Turkish Airlines (THY) have Iran and Nicosia flights departing from Konya?” and the question about whether there is a study on bringing Konya to a civil airport was answered as follows:

“Although THY was allowed to fly to the Konya-Iran route in the summer schedule of 2016, the airline ended its flights due to its commercial evaluations. However, during the Nevruz periods, charter flights are organized. If the airline company requests flights to other locations, the necessary assessment will be made. Civil facilities of Konya airport, which is used as a civil-military joint; It is an airport with a total of 24 thousand 175 square meters and a modern terminal with an annual capacity of 3 million passengers. Therefore, there is no need to construct a second airport for Konya. ”

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