Wounded for National YHT


Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB) and Rail Systems Cluster (RSC) Board Chairman and members paid a visit to TÜLOMSAŞ.

The President and Board Members of the Chamber of Industry, who received information from the TÜLOMSAŞ officials on the YHT project and its future issues, agreed to make a ği Joint Study ında to give maximum contribution to the project and to closely monitor the process.

Eskisehir oriented project
MYHT Projesinin en güzel tarafının Eskişehir’e odaklanmış olması olduğuna değinen ESO Başkanı Savaş M. Özaydemir, Milli YHT’lerin Eskişehir’de üretilecek olmasının hem şehre hem de ülke ekonomisine büyük kazanç sağlayacağının altını çizdi.

The first stage of the project will be composed of 3 pieces will be produced 20 units, which will be expressed in the second stage of the process Özaydemir, ında 60 in the second stage of the process, in the third stage of the 16 MYHT Eskişehirli industrial producers, especially our domestic producers will provide active participation. By taking the first step for this purpose, TÜLOMSAŞ, Our Room, EOSB and Rail Systems Cluster will come together and we will detail what we can do about the Joint Study. Good luck to our city. Ş

We will be in production
EosB President Nadir Küpeli emphasized that TÜLOMSAŞ has taken a very important step in this regard, explaining that the MYHTs to be produced will start with technology transfer and then be made with a great local contribution.

As Eskişehir OSB, Küpeli said that they support the project and believe that all the industrial facilities related to the subject will want to take part in such a project. The steps to be taken in this regard will further improve the industry of our city. Ler It is a great step for us to have all the rights from software to control, from the draw frame to the assembly and to produce by us ın.

Value added too high
Kenan Işık, RSC Chairman of the Board of Directors, reminded that Eskişehir is a strategic industrialization model in the field of Rail Systems, stated that they are ready for all kinds of missions in this process.

Industrial Cooperation Program, for the first time in Turkey, voicing the project will be done by TULOMSAS Light, added value is very high, pointed out that witnessed a technological change.

Shares to be made
Hayri Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS, stated that necessary developments will be made about the developments in the production process. Expressing his pleasure for the visit, AVCI thanked the guests for their support.

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