Economic Wood Traverse Repair

edilon) (sedra Dex K - 2K - With wooden traverse lifespan, it is possible to extend the life of wood sleeper by% 30!

By using the DEX K - 2K and DEX-G chemicals, the base plates are provided to fit exactly in the wood using the Sedra DEX K - 10K and DEX-G chemicals. After waiting for the heat-cured curing time, you can tighten to the torque of the triples, after which the repaired wooden sleepers 15 and XNUMX can be used without problems.

Temperature (° C): 25 Curing (h): Curing with 9 Accelerator (h): 2
Temperature (° C): 5 Curing (h): Curing with 32 Accelerator (h): 16

Repair of previously modified wooden sleepers in the workshop is also possible. One must be done to apply the chemical to the main cracks. Application of sedra K - 2K, especially to trifon holes.

Through this wood sleeper repair, a fast and safe process is carried out, and all the chemicals used do not harm the nature. Especially in very humid areas, it prevents the rusting and mildew caused by moisture and increases the safe passage in the bridges, tunnels and scissors.

When the application is considered in terms of time, the use of accelerator should definitely be used. ABSTRACT Curing time is almost halved thanks to the catalyst used by Sedra DEX-G and DEX K - 2K chemicals.

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Classic Wood Travers Replacement Process and Disadvantages:

New wooden sleepers and rail fasteners
Ballast excavation and transport
Wood sleepers
Closing the line for operation
3 hourly time per traverse


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