Domestic and National Ship Traffic System Signed

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they will complete the domestic and national ship traffic system project within 16 months and put it into service on April 15, 2019. and locality is a very meaningful and important signature for reducing foreign dependency. ” said.

Arslan, with the participation of the Minister of National Defense Nurettin Canikli, in his speech at the "Turkish Local Straits and National Ship Traffic System Signing Ceremony" held at the Ministry, despite the previously tested systems related to the project subject to the signing ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, He said that if you do not reduce the addiction, you cannot be free, you cannot make your own decisions. ”

The Ministry of Defense and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries do not only develop defense systems, Arslan said that they were able to use the capabilities developed in the defense field in other areas.

Stating that there are abilities developed by companies such as HAVELSAN, ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, Arslan said, “As the Ministry, we have made very good collaborations so as to benefit from these capabilities and put them into the service of our country.” he spoke.

Arslan pointed out that the original purpose of the ship tracking system project was renovation and development. I am sure that we will achieve very successful results in this regard in a short time. As a matter of fact, in this field, we will now do the work we have done for US companies in Istanbul and Italian companies in Izmit. We are proud of that. ” used expressions.

Arslan said that they would cooperate by sharing their abilities with other countries and this means high level and expensive export.

“The project price is 59 million liras”

ASELSAN HAVELSAN working together on the project and noted that Turkey is among the distinguished organizations Armstrong, "a project cost of 59 million pounds. If we did not do it with our country's possibilities, maybe we would be talking about 2-3 times the numbers. ” said.

After Armstrong informing unmanned vessel traffic services from radar in the tower and the automatic identification system received offshore data of the ship can be transferred to operators in the traffic center, said the details of the ships passing through the strait that Turkey can provide from its own secure database and that information can be shared instantly with other public institutions and organizations .

Arslan, “Hopefully we will finish the project in 16 months and put it into service on April 15, 2019. The 16-month period would pass with the preparations of these projects at other times, it is important in order to show our point and capability. This signature may not be a signature that corresponds to very high monetary value, but national and locality is a very meaningful and important signature to reduce foreign dependency. I hope we will have opened the way for exports with high added value, thanks to the capabilities we have achieved here. ” he spoke.

“Maritime is important for economic growth”

Arslan also shared some data about the maritime industry and stated that 90 percent of world trade is realized by sea transportation.

Underlining that sea shipping is much more economical than other types of transportation, Arslan said, "It is clear how important the maritime industry is in terms of economic growth and development." found the assessment.

As of today, 174 Arslan stating that international port in Turkey, emphasized that the important from the floor regarding maritime safety.

After the speeches, the agreement was signed by Minister Arslan and Canikli and the General Director of Coastal Safety Hızırreis Deniz and HAVELSAN General Manager Ahmet Hamdi Atalay.

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