Studies started in the Doğançay tunnel

Ankara İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which is one of the challenging crossings, started to work in Doğançay Tunnel between Geyve-Machanca.

The second phase of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, which will reduce the travel time between Ankara and Istanbul to the 3 hour 10 minutes, was subject to a mandatory change. In the present project, after Eskişehir and Pamukova, the route of ın Geyve-Doğancay-Arifiye-Sapanca edil was followed by Arifiye. Thus, the line will be shorter than the 33,5 km, followed by the 10,5 bin 22 meters and viaducts after Geyve and will go to Sapanca. In this context, the company, which was under the tender of Doğançay Ripaj between Geyve Sapanca, started to work in Doğançay area.


Tunnel 4A: 170 m
Tunnel 4B: 70 m
Tunnel 5: 1.285 m
Tunnel 6: 3.220 m
Tunnel 8: 1.818 m
Tunnel 9: 757 m

Total length: 7.320 m

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