Denizli Metropolitan Domestic and National Traffic Management

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey by signing a policy, the local and national Traffic Management System produced entirely in Denizli has implemented technological infrastructure. The Traffic Management System, where all of the intersections located in the center of Denizli is managed from a single center, provides a healthier traffic environment by increasing Denizli traffic to a sustainable level. Denizli Mayor Osman Zola, "in Turkey by signing a policy we implemented a Traffic Management System implemented. We can manage the city traffic from a single center with our project, which is completely local and national. Tamamen

the first of which continue to achieve Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, Smart Cities Project, which had received the Traffic Management Center hayta services. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Gökoğlan and Head of Transportation Department Niyazi Türlü attended to the meeting organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. The technical infrastructure is fully localized in Denizli and carried out with the cooperation of Teknokent and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. The Traffic Management Center provides the management of Denizli traffic from a single center. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said,, This is the Traffic Management Center of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, where we can see the 95 junction in Denizli and know it as the palm of our hand. There is a lot of labor under this system, there is great effort. The reason of this system is the negativity in Denizli traffic. The negativity across the country was also present in Denizli. We didn't have any data about traffic. We didn't have a chance to adjust the signal times of the traffic lights. When the negativity about an intersection occurred until we warned us that distress could not be removed. There were serious problems in terms of time. Two corridors had a green wave system. This was not very practicable. We had to use our technology in order to eliminate these problems and to ease the traffic. Bu

”The system is actively operating at the 95 junction“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, Denizli We started a nice study about traffic system. The basis of these studies is Denizli. This is a national project. It is a project for Denizli which is produced in Denizli with Teknoket and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. a project carrying the first of its kind in Turkey. It works through radio signals. We are able to see how the current traffic at the 95 junction is flowing in what state. This application we use radio signals from the cities we use HGS and we use for our parking lots are working with the radio waves. This includes the 35 of the vehicles in Denizli. With the signals we receive from these vehicles, we determine which day, which time and in which direction there is intensity. In this way, we reduce the waiting times of our citizens in the light of traffic to make it more fluid. Today, we are able to evaluate these data from our center. Here, we keep the records we receive from the cameras at the intersections during 30 days and we ensure that other institutions benefit from them. Burada

”21 axle and green wave at 53 junction“

President Osman Zolan stated that the Green Wave System is running smoothly with the establishment of Traffic Management Center. This means that after passing through an intersection, if you progress at a certain speed, you can continue your journey without waiting in the light. We are able to manage this system from here, and the application adjusts the timing itself and ensures traffic flow. There was no data on Denizli traffic in the previous system. We now have data through this system. Denizli software that makes me happy, to be domestic and national, instead of taking this system out of our own have made ourselves. Beni

”The system significantly reduced the density“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, Denizli We currently have intersections. This increases the traffic density. The triangle was passing 110 thousand vehicles a day. Izmir Highway is said to be closed at a point, due to our work on the axle. The 110-10 bin of this 15 bin is still using this axis, but the other 90 car has entered the city. This creates pressure in city traffic. We have minimized this pressure with this system. If this system had not happened, the whole system would be locked. Using this system with time, we have made this flow faster, Bu he said.

New era of public transport begins

Transferring the work on public transport, President Zolan said, Toplu We have a very good work on public transportation. We are currently using 20. When the bus arrives, even in red, the 10 lights up green in seconds. So public transport is a priority system. Buses can be 50-60 people at the same time. We now have the time to earn between 20-25. This is an important development in terms of directing our citizens to public transportation. In addition, 'S' plate and 'M' plate vehicles can follow. In essence, we carried Denizli traffic to the screens in this center with the local and national projects produced in Denizli. İş

“We will adapt this system to smartphones“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, asında We made plans at the junctions and at the point of traffic management system. Of course, our main goal in a short time now on the smart phone as a live and instant way to see the situation and to make it according to the direction. We will see a snapshot in Denizli from their mobile phones. We will make our preferences in traffic. We will ensure that our drivers can see the fullness of the car parks on their mobile phones. As a result, we pushed the button, we have introduced the latest technology in Denizli, and we have now made it feasible. It made our job much easier. We have more goals. Now the wheel is turned. Denizli is the smartest city and has received the award. After that, this business will continue to grow. We laid the foundation for this. From now on, it's up to the dream. We have all kinds of data under our hands, and today we have traffic under our hands. We see where they are. Good sea. Deniz

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