BTSO does not cut speed in Ur-Ge trainings

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the locomotive business in Bursa city of Turkey's economy to work in order to gain competitiveness in the international arena continues at full speed. BTSO, which provides its members with training, consultancy, promotion, domestic procurement committee and international bilateral business meetings organizations with the help of International Competition Development (Ur-Ge) projects implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economy, enables the city to reach a stronger position on a global scale. BTSO, which carries out the 10 Ur-Ge project at the same time, continues its full education and consultancy activities within the scope of the project. In the last 3 month, BTSO carried out different training and consultancy activities in the field of baby - child garment, chemistry, space, aviation and defense, rail systems, textile, machinery, food and composite sectors.


Ministry of Economy by between Ur-D projects in Turkey 'Best Practices of' The Baby and Children's Apparel shown as the Ur-Gee scope held in September 'Customer Relationship joined 28 company representatives in total to training. N Market Research Techniques Training dı was attended by 15 company representative at Foodstuffs Ur-Ge which is operating as's Food Point Ur and participated in textile Ur-Ge which operates under Burtex corporate identity. In October, 20 company representatives attended X 15, Applied and Theoretically planned X Energy Efficiency Training in Foreign Trade Training held in the field of textile Ur-Ge. In November, 15 received UM National and International Supports for SMEs ild training within the scope of Makine Ur-Ge project.


4 from 11 company 23 from IRIS Quality Systems Information and Internal Auditor Trainings within the scope of Rail Systems Ur-Ge in October, 19 from 3 company, 7 from 'Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials Training' within the scope of Composite Urology Project person benefited. In November, 2 company representative took advantage of the Hazır Safety Data Sheet Preparation Trainer UM training which lasted for 15 within the scope of Chemistry Urology. XNUMX people attended the gerçekleştiril Customs Regulations and Practices Training Eğitim held in December at XNUMX.


BTSO's consultancy services in the scope of Ur-Ge projects continue. Companies from the 'Energy Efficiency Study' organized in August and October, and the companies in the Aerospace and Aerospace Industry, which are operating under the name of 'BASDEC', also participated in the, Business Development Consultancy Enerji activities held in June and October. benefited.


Within the scope of the 10 Ur-Ge project, which BTSO has carried out in order to bring the firms from Bursa to be among the most important players of the global markets, the Ministry of Economy is providing support for each project up to 4,5 million dollars. BTSO's resources for these projects can reach up to a total of 45 million dollars. BTSO, 30 November - 3 60 200 XNUMX business people from more than a year organized 'Bursa Industry Summit in the field of composite, machinery, space, aviation and defense and rail systems developed within the scope of Ur-Ge projects within the scope of procurement committees Bursa' was also accommodated.



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