Interesting answer to BİMER's a There are no problems sor: We expect you to see Marmaray!

The question of how Kocaeli Mayor was able to get into the mechanic's cabin with the 'çatkapı' came up with an interesting answer from BİMER Kocaeli

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's first driverless metro line carries the distinction of being Üsküdar-Ümraniye before the opening ceremony of Marmaray subway line is experiencing an interesting event. The protagonists of the event are AKP Mayor of Kocaeli Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Hüseyin Sağ, who is a member of the CHP.

Date: 15 December 2017 Aralık Due to the opening of Erdoğan, İBB closes early. Let's read the following from his application to the Prime Minister's Communications Center (BİMER):

'If I don't, I'm out of business'

I While I was traveling to Marmaris, Ayrılık Fountain stop at Marmaray, 15 was a photographer at the Sirkeci stop like 12.55 on December and I learned that 4 protection and later Kocaeli Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu stole the door to the driver who used the tram and got into the driver section with the photographer. Then landed in Üsküdar. I said 'why did you get here' at the Separation Fountain stop? 'If I do not take the job,' he replied. 'Can he ride here?' I said di 'No' he said niyet The question is: he opened the door even though the driver didn't recognize it, he could have been a malicious person. On the other hand, a mayor is doing an illegal job. If the person who was riding was malicious, the life of the passengers would be at risk. I even lost the train when both on boarding and descending iş hem

'Our President received information!'

Sağ's response to his application to BİMER on December is 26 başvuru

I Your application 1701920834 to BİMER has been answered by Marmaray Operations Directorate on 26.12.2017: Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, visited Marmaray on 15.12.2017. Our Chairman received information about the Marmaray Project and Management. Within the scope of this visit, the operation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor in the engineer's cabin was allowed with the knowledge of our Marmaray Operation Directorate. Such visits make us happy. No person outside our control is allowed to travel in the mechanic cabin and the safety of Marmaray and our passengers is prioritized. We invite you to Marmaray in order to inform you about the Marmaray project in a timely manner, and request your success and request your information. Uygun

'Firewall was simply exceeded'

Events experienced both the security vulnerability as well as the fact that Turkey put forward the concession of a politician. Right evaluated the response of Marmaray Operations Directorate as follows:

Değil The answer is definitely not true. There is a security gap in Marmaray. He can access the drive section that stole the door. On the day and time of the event, the Marmaray driver gave me a statement. He said he didn't know it when he opened the door, and if he didn't, he'd be out of business. Let's say the answer is correct yetkil I wouldn't have a Marmaray official with them, though it would be something like that? What a coincidence 15 December day were opened by the President of Turkey's first driverless subway. On such a day Marmaray is visited by the Mayor of Kocaeli. The President is riding in Sirkeci and landing in Üsküdar. He's leaving the pitch, going to the opening. Getting information is a one-stop ride to Marmaray? In a project that boasted rightly, firewalls can be overcome in a very simple way. I'm gonna move this to judgment. There was a major security weakness. This may not be the mayor, but it could have been another person. Bu

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