Mayor Aktaş Announced The Road Map… To The Biggest Scalpel Transportation

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş shared the road map he made with the aim of making Bursa a more livable city. Canceled, revised and will continue to explain the projects of the President Aktas, without wanting to show the interests of the municipality, Bursa, stressed that they will do. President Aktaş underlined that they will not pursue reality and look at reality and the current situation. Ak Like the blood circulating all over my body, Bursa has embraced my body. Our only concern is to take the prayer of the nation. Tek

Following the resignation of Recep Altepe, President Alinur Aktaş, who started his duty as 3 in November and shared the road map to be followed on the 34 day of his duty, after the meeting traffic started from the first day. Chairman of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman did not leave the President Aktas in front of the cameras. At the beginning of his speech President Aktaş thanked the MHP and the independent members for their kindness during the presidential election and explained the steps they will take in every area from transportation to urban transformation, from tourism to sports.

I look at reality

President Aktaş stated that he was the mayor of 13,5 in the biggest district of Bursa next to the city and he worked well for his class from the first day of his name. He said yap İnegöl's economy, industry and population growth were the main reasons. Of course the problems were small compared to here. I'm not trying to keep it. If there are mistakes, but not someone's eyes to identify them. To revise the revised requirements, to cancel if there are any cancellations. We are committed at the point of ownership until the end. I'll hang it, cut it, dismiss it, never change my style. I'm not looking for a show. If the interests of Bursa are what they require, we have to make them what the municipal interests require. I look at reality and the current situation, I don't seek imagination. What can we do to make Bursa a more livable city? For this, I am ready to consult with all institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations and foundations. I have no complex. We started visiting the district. Tomorrow we will go to Nilufer and Mudanya. In December, we have to complete the visit to the district. That president didn't call me, it doesn't matter if he didn't come to my office. O

Debt burden heavy

Reminding the 3P formula, which he listed as money, staff and projects, President Aktas said that if there is harmony between these three, there will be no problem regardless of the scale of the municipality. Aktas noted that the harmony in the 3P will be as successful as the result, un We need to be together in the sweetness of our citizen's pain. If you want to lay the streets in gold, it is not possible to succeed if you can not improve the hearts. We have to take this 3 in a harmonious way. We have problems with that. No municipality without debt. The municipality will be in debt. The issue is sustainable debts. Turkey's xnumx'ünc is normal that the debts of the municipalities are large enough that affect your overall situation. Metropolitan Municipality has serious debts. There are debts until 4, can be normal. 2032 will be paid in 60, 2018 and 2019. I can tell you about 2020. Our 2018 revenues do not cover overheads, loans. Our credits are closed, we have no right to buy. I have no worries. I don't mean to be cute. Before the confession of Allah Almighty Allah is the leader of our cause and a very good municipality, our President, our ministers, deputy prime minister who has an important place in Bursa politics, our former ministers 2018 will be with us with our strong name, provincial organization, suggestions and criticism Gü. President Aktas, a journalist's question on the question of the Metropolitan Municipality of 2 - 4,5 is around a billion pounds, he added.

Like an ordinary citizen.

Providing information about his work since the first day of his office, President Aktas, district mayors, Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu and the deputies and the organization came together, traveling by bus and metro, contacted the citizen and the last Friday 'Bursa' he also said that he was resident. Noting that he had traveled with his private vehicle and had the opportunity to see the city more than a mayor rather than an ordinary citizen, President Aktas emphasized that he had been in the elections for a short period of time as an 16 and should be smart and logical. Today, if they develop a project, the tender, the hanger, the objection, saying that it is not possible to finish a medium-sized project in the 16 monthly process, drawing attention to President Aktas, some projects to cancel the revision, in some of the inevitable to go to a revision.

I didn't recognize my father who did it wrong.

Di If the hearts are not going to be a nuisance certainly will not be a boredom, yön said President Aktas, alone, no one, his teammates, Metropolitan, BUSKI and affiliated companies working in the workers, civil servants, bureaucrats and managers will contribute to this process, he added. Reminding that there are some rumors such as nam 300 people will be issued boyunca and “2000 people will be issued ıla in the public opinion, President Aktaş said, UM I have not played with anyone's bread for the rest of my life. And I seek refuge in Allah from this. But I don't know if it's my father who doesn't work, doesn't produce, but disobeys, who's wrong. I don't know fancy words. Whatever it is, we have to do them. I will not allow those who want to create a perception on this issue. We will be result oriented. We'il do what we need to do before we sift. If we promise, we will. We're going to make our account good, transparent. Things aren't going to work with someone's attitude. The facilities available are limited, there is no unlimited resources. First of all, we have to deal with what is more urgent, more relevant. Our only concern is to take the prayer of the nation and prepare for the local and general elections of 2019 in the most beautiful way. Tek

Largest lancet transport

Stating that the most important problem in Bursa has come forward as transportation, Chairman Aktaş mentioned that they had to act in budget reality and they had to perform cost benefit analysis. Aktaş reminded that the metron is an inevitable fact in developing cities and thanked the former presidents for the important works done in this subject in the past. Bursa is the 48 mile rail system line, and it is a considerable figure that explains President Aktas, to reduce the intensity of the morning and evening hours in the metro to increase the frequency of wagon as well as some studies to increase the capacity of the wagon said. President Aktas stated that they will go to an arrangement on the side road links to speed up the traffic flow on the D200 highway on the east west axis. Aktas, a system where every one wants to go wherever they want is not anywhere in the world. Panayır-Yeniceabat-Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard connection, providing an alternative to the road to Ankara, such as the connection of the Mimar Sinan Boulevard Otosansitle will continue to projects, he said.

President Aktas, 700 meter 8 thousand 100 meter 2 meter 110 million TL spending on the line was made by reminding that, after this time they will be in the effort to complete the project in a healthy way announced.

Ankara to seek support

President Aktaş stated that the power of Ankara has not been used sufficiently in Bursa so far and he will play Ankara's door for two important projects. President Aktas, who will host President Erdogan soon in Bursa, said, ed We will tell our excitement. We will ask for the support of the President of the Ministry of Transport for the launch of the 6,5 kilometer Yıldırım metros project. In addition, the alternative southern ring road expressed in the master plans is very important. This is the second issue that we will want to talk about our President rather than talking and giving up a lot of things havada.

Canceling urban ropeway

Aktas noted that they had canceled 100 million TL and the cable car that had been canceled to Gökdere. Proj The ropeway that was built to Uludağ is a correct project with build-operate-transfer. A sub-barem was identified as in Marmaray and Osmangazi Bridge. When the passenger is under the 300 bin, but we are looking at the municipality to finance, the 700-800 does not fall below the bin. There's no trouble there. You can borrow the skyscraper line, you can do it, but can you run it? There are serious difficulties. On the way to Uludag, the person sees the tree, and when it snows, he sees the white sheet. This will see what happens on the line. If we use this source to expand and expand the southern north line, it will cost history. Bu President Aktas, the cable car to Culture Park'da again said the project was stopped.

President Aktaş also announced that the Kükürtlü-Hot Spring connection viaduct and Yıldırım Şükraniye viaduct projects were canceled and announced that the S plate sales also stopped.

Great damage to seaplane

He also added that the seafaring flights to 1.2 passengers have been terminated until today and the annual cost of the discount they made in the rail system to the municipality is 13 million TL, while the monthly loss of the seaplane is 10 million TL. Noting that they met with the Mayors of Istanbul and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, they had discussed the Marmara Sea's 18 / 7 airborne follow-up. It's not a grant, we're going to get our revenue. We will sell the other three with the highest yield. Diğer

President Aktaş has announced that the 12 million TL solid waste transfer station project planned for Isabey, the Orhangazi Olive Processing Plant Project and the Mustafakemalpaşa Kule Restaurant project, which has a tender price of 13 million TL, were abandoned.

Everybody's kazanthere is no match

Touching on the issue of urban transformation, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that they will discuss this issue with the relevant chambers and that they will do the necessary work without making anyone suffer. Stating that the works done on the basis of parcels are not correct, Mayor Aktaş said, “Destroying 150 flats and building 400 instead of them cannot be explained by urban transformation. There are parties to the issue, there are citizens, municipalities, states and contractors. But everyone kazanthere is no match. someone kazanIf so, someone loses. It is clear that we need to enlarge the city. The process related to 0.50 precedent will continue as determined by the ministry. But we need to enlarge the city to the west with new zoning areas. It is not a job to find a solution by increasing a 5-storey building to 10 floors in its current location. Besides, there is the Doğanbey incident. There are other high-rise buildings as well, but Ulucami, the covered bazaar, is a troubling subject because it cuts the view of Uludağ and is like a dagger stuck in the side of the city. I would like to do something about this as well. "I have some things on my mind, but we will consult with our President in particular," he said.

President Aktas, recreation areas and green space regulations on issues such as the permission of the ministry beyond the extent allowed to do the necessary applications said.

Tourism and promotion attack

Bursa's green identity with the goal of further highlighting the attention of the city entrance, especially the landscape arrangements will be made President Aktas noted, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs on this issue will be supported. Stating that they have accelerated the work in the area of ​​the old stadium, President Aktas stated that there is a triple project in order to cover the parking need in the region by adding both the school and the sports hall in the area and stated that they will make serious afforestation and that the old stadium will be transformed into a Bursa square.

Underlining that Uludağ is one of the most important issues to be addressed, President Aktaş stated that even the Uludağ Department can be established. Uludag is not only two months old, but also 2 months of the year for Bursa. kazanStating that there may be three doors, Mayor Aktaş said, “Works on water and sewerage were carried out, but we could not build the multi-storey car park, treatment plant, congress center and sports areas. We also expressed it to our Minister of Forestry. The subject will be discussed in detail in the tourism workshop to be held. We will do the necessary work for a Uludag that serves for 10 months, rather than an Uludag that catches flies for 2 months and no traffic for 12 months, so to speak," he said.

Chairman Aktas, Ataturk Congress and Cultural Center will start to spend a full period of international organizations, stating that local dishes will be held in different areas of the activities will be held.

Services touching the public

He added that the Metropolitan Municipality has an 11 subsidiary and that all the subsidiaries such as Burulaş and Burfaş have been evaluated separately and some changes have been made in the management levels. if there is a fault, no one should be sorry. 24 has a debt burden of millions. We have to evaluate all of this. I'm looking for the next time. I don't have a problem. We have good facilities that touch the ring, they will keep going. Staff need to be used efficiently. Okay, we're not for profit, but we're not harmed. At least be head-on. In Burulaş 56 we have added an addendum to the tender. It was supposed to be done these days, we postponed. 57 million is able to get down to million of jobs 43-5. We have to enter all cells Bütün.

Support for Bursaspor

Bursaspor and the Metropolitan Municipality Club also touched on his speech President Aktas, Bursaspor said that this city has an important value and this year has captured a beautiful trend. Expressing that the club has some financial problems, President Aktaş said, eden I asked our Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. 1,5 stadium 160 million pounds per year and international matches are made. We've spent £ 1 million on 500, didn't play international matches, and will spend more on 80 - 100 million. There are cases about non-expropriation. I thank Recep and his team, they did beautiful work related to sports. But we have to make a certain revision. There is an ongoing process related to Bursaspor. We have to give the best support to the Stada. Parking entrance exits, environmental arrangements will be made, Otopark he said.

Büyükşehir Belediyespor Club also achieved significant national and international achievements, reminding the President Aktas, especially in the hall sports, woven more than the public, children, young people, mothers and fathers also followed, not only the field, but also reflected in the tribunes should be added to the size, he added.

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