Antep-Kilis-Aleppo high-speed railway statement from the Prime Minister!

In his speech at the 6th Ordinary Congress of Kilis, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım made statements about the Antep-Kilis-Aleppo high-speed railway project.

Prime Minister Yildirim, the relations with Syria in the period of good relations with the Antep-Kilis-Aleppo high-speed railway project, they decided to do the normalization of the railway project in the form of railway projects, said that the preparations for the project continues.

AK Party, as they can not hold any promise they can not keep every word they have fulfilled voicing Yildirim, said:
“We have made great efforts to overcome our people's troubles for 15 years. We turned problems such as mountains into services like mountains. We did not refer the problems to the grandchildren, we solved them instantly, and we were troubled by the troubles. In the past, there were hospital administrations that did not even accept and reject the patients who came to the hospital with their own means. Now that reaching even the most remote corners of our citizens, needed helicopters, airplanes sender, patient, people with the values ​​that have a Turkey. Turkey's AK Party, this is your masterpiece. "

Lightning, has become a site of every corner of Turkey and said that the future is built.
Turkey 15 years of investment describing the Lightning, 25 thousand kilometers of divided road on the high-speed train line they had stressed thousand 500 kilometers.

Yıldırım also gave information about the investments made in transportation to Kilis. We have not forgotten, we have not given up. I hope we will do this railway when things are going well in Syria. We also have the preparations for the project, good luck. ” used expressions.

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