Three-storey Great Istanbul Tuneli continues to work rapidly

Work continues at full speed in the Three-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel to be built under the Bosphorus. Tender for the construction of the tunnel will be held in 2018 ...

After Marmaray and Eurasia tunnel, the third mega project to be built under the Bosphorus has come to an end. The tender for the construction of the project, which will reduce the transition between 2 continents to 5 minutes, will be completed in 2018. In the project to be put out to tender with the BOT model in 2018; While there will be 2 separate roads for cars, one floor will be reserved for the rail system. The rail system that will enter the underground from İncirli will pass through Mecidiyeköy, Zincirlikuyu, under the sea, enter Söğütlüçeşme and Kadıköy-It will be attached to Kartal, Marmaray. The tunnel, which will enter the underground from Hasdal on the European side, will likewise join with this tunnel, after passing to the Anatolian side, it will exit Çamlık and connect to TEM. This will be an important advantage for cars in road transport, a much more important advantage in terms of rail system. Marmaray, HalkalıIt goes integrated with all rail systems from 'to Gebze. The Three Storey Tunnel will also be integrated with many rail systems from İncirli to Sögütlüçeşme. It will be transformed into a system where 6.5 million passengers are transported a day. This means that when people leave their doors, they transfer to another line and continue their journey by rail.

The project, which was previously considered for two departure cars, the middle floor for one round trip rail system, and the lower floor for two arrival cars, was changed. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan explained this change with the following words: “The studies are at the final stage, but technically, it turns out that the rail system in the middle floor of the previous project seems appropriate to be taken to the bottom as a result of technical studies. The upper and middle floors of the tunnel will be used for the car going and going. The reason for this is that the lines will diverge after surfacing on both sides. The rail system to go south to İncirli on the European side would be the upper and lower floors we made for cars to go north to TEM, but it is a bit more difficult to separate them from each other. However, if the upper two floors are for cars, the upper north will be separated, while the rail system will be separated to the south. As a result of technical studies, it seems more appropriate to use the lower floor for the rail system, since the vehicles used in the rail system are heavier. It will be clear soon. "

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