The Foundation of Kanal Istanbul is at 2018

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The project will be laid at 2018, the foundation of Kanal Istanbul, a crazy project that President Erdoğan called Cumhurbaşkanı my dream Cumhurbaşkanı. The project, which will prevent dangerous ship traffic passing through the Straits, will also create billions of lira economy

The countdown has begun for the Kanal Istanbul Project, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed that he had a “dream, dream”. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan said that in the Crazy Project, the foundations of which will be laid at the beginning of 2018, they take into account the sensitivity of citizens, such as the issue of national security, the safety of ships carrying dangerous goods, not causing enrichment without reason. Arslan Ege, who stated that the route will be determined as a result of hydraulic and geophysical studies, emphasized that the balance between Marmara and the Black Sea should not be disturbed and the immigration status of the water creatures should be examined. From the possibility of changing the route in the Kanal Istanbul Project to environmental influences, the curious issues regarding many topics were brought to the agenda of the Assembly. Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made the following findings regarding the current situation in Kanal Istanbul: Kanal Istanbul has a strategic importance. Passing and pose a threat to Istanbul for ships carrying dangerous substances Strait, to Turkey's endangering the lives of national security and citizens, not to hinder the Bosphorus traffic, to build a more difficult geography According to the examples in the world, annuity high project unjust enrichment mAlArA sensitivities as to supply privacy that would not occur gözettik.


sufficiency in Turkey and the world in order to promote competition, reliability detected, a reasonable number of advisers that may have invited companies to tender for projects and consultancy services. 3 companies were invited to tender for the project's survey, project and consultancy services. Qualified companies joined and Yüksel Proje Uluslararası A.Ş. won the tender. When examples of similar artificial channels in the world are analyzed, it is of great importance that Kanal Istanbul, which is a very different and difficult project than its counterparts, is made by expert companies. When connecting the ocean, the Panama Canal, which passes over a natural lakes region and a topography with elevation difference, provides ship crossings with elevation pools called 'log'.

Compared with Uzbek Sulay

According to the Suez Canal route, which passes through a flat geography and does not consist of various ground layers, the Canal Istanbul Project passes through a more difficult geography in terms of topography. In this case, the ground studies of Kanal Istanbul (such as landslides, groundwater, earthquakes) should be examined in multiple ways. While evaluating the environmental impacts of the project, how geotechnical factors, especially the fault lines, will affect the region in the future, such as salinity rate, migration status of living creatures, in order not to disturb the balance between the Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea. In order for the construction to be realized, structures such as ports and logistics integrated with the canal must be determined by expert teams and financial models for construction work must be developed. Companies that have proven themselves in national and international projects were invited to the tender for the study, project and consultancy services of the Kanal Istanbul Project. These companies are Yüksel Proje Uluslararası A.Ş., Royal Haskoning DHV and Arteila Eau & Environennement.


The financial qualification criteria were an important parameter in the Channel Istanbul Project elections. No advance payment was foreseen in the contract. The company that is going to be loaded has to provide a significant amount of cash flow with its own means during the one-year contract period. Considering the size of the project, the pre-financing required by the firm is serious. It is vital for the success and timeliness of the project to have the necessary financial power and financing opportunities for the company to be offered for this project. In the previous studies conducted for the project, unclear alternative channel corridors (average 5 km width) were determined. Within this corridors, the most appropriate corridor will be clarified after the project is selected. The clarification of the route in the corridor will be determined by geotechnical, hydraulic and geophysical studies.

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