The cost of the discount made in Bursa's rail system is 13 million TL

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş announced that the annual cost of the discount they made in the rail system to the municipality is 13 million TL.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş shared the road map he made with the aim of making Bursa a more livable city.

Canceled, revised and will continue to explain the projects of the President Aktas, without wanting to show the interests of the municipality, Bursa, stressed that they will do.

Looking at the reality and the current situation, they will not pursue the dream of expressing President Aktaş, Ak Like the blood circulating all over my body, Bursa is wrapped around my body. Our only concern is to take the prayer of the nation. Tek

Following the resignation of Recep Altepe, President Alinur Aktaş, who started his duty as 3 in November and shared the road map to be followed on the 34 day of his duty, after the meeting traffic started from the first day.

Atatürk Congress Culture Center Yıldırım Beyazıt Hall in front of the cameras in a press conference.

Stating that the most important problem in Bursa has come forward as transportation, Chairman Aktaş mentioned that they had to act in budget reality and they had to perform cost benefit analysis. Aktaş reminded that the metron is an inevitable fact in developing cities and thanked the former presidents for the important works done in this subject in the past. Bursa is the 48 mile rail system line, and it is a considerable figure that explains President Aktas, to reduce the intensity of the morning and evening hours in the metro to increase the frequency of wagon as well as some studies to increase the capacity of the wagon said. President Aktas stated that they will go to an arrangement on the side road links to speed up the traffic flow on the D200 highway on the east west axis. Aktas, a system where every one wants to go wherever they want is not anywhere in the world. Panayır-Yeniceabat-Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard connection, providing an alternative to the road to Ankara, such as the connection of the Mimar Sinan Boulevard Otosansitle will continue to projects, he said.

President Aktas, 700 meter 8 thousand 100 meter 2 meter 110 million TL spending on the line was made by reminding that, after this time they will be in the effort to complete the project in a healthy way announced.

Aktas noted that they had canceled 100 million TL and the cable car that had been canceled to Gökdere. Proj The ropeway that was built to Uludağ is a correct project with build-operate-transfer. A sub-barem was identified as in Marmaray and Osmangazi Bridge. When the passenger is under the 300 bin, but we are looking at the municipality to finance, the 700-800 does not fall below the bin. There's no trouble there. You can borrow the skyscraper line, you can do it, but can you run it? There are serious difficulties. On the way to Uludag, the person sees the tree, and when it snows, he sees the white sheet. This will see what happens on the line. If we use this source to expand and expand the southern north line, it will cost history. Bu President Aktas, the cable car to Culture Park'da again said the project was stopped.
President Aktaş also announced that the Kükürtlü-Hot Spring connection viaduct and Yıldırım Şükraniye viaduct projects were canceled and announced that the S plate sales also stopped.

He also added that the seafaring flights to 1.2 passengers have been terminated until today and the annual cost of the discount they made in the rail system to the municipality is 13 million TL, while the monthly loss of the seaplane is 10 million TL. Noting that they met with the Mayors of Istanbul and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, they had discussed the Marmara Sea's 18 / 7 airborne follow-up. It's not a grant, we're going to get our revenue. We will sell the other three with the highest yield. Diğer

President Aktaş has announced that the 12 million TL solid waste transfer station project planned for Isabey, the Orhangazi Olive Processing Plant Project and the Mustafakemalpaşa Kule Restaurant project, which has a tender price of 13 million TL, were abandoned.

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