Tatvan Van Decreases to 3,5 Hours by Ferry

new 5 pieces to the Tatvan pier
new 5 pieces to the Tatvan pier

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan of Turkey-Iran transit railway line providing connection via Lake Van was reported that the ferry will be renewed in Tatvan-Van line.

Minister Arslan, said in a statement, Turkey-Iran railway line which enables the connection of the transit via Lake Van, said the ferry will be renewed in Tatvan-Van line, "the first trial runs have been successfully completed. After the start of the ferry expedition to Tatvan-Van 4,5 hours lasting hours will fall to 3,5. Kul he said.

to provide a link to the Turkey-Iran transit railway line, higher speed and higher capacity of 4 old ferry run between Lake Van on Tatvan-Van Leo describing two new ferry will be replaced, the production project initiated in this direction completed the first ferry 12 first trial in December successful completion of the campaign noted.

Arslan said that the amount of freight transported between Tatvan and Van will increase with the introduction of the mentioned ferries.

The amount of cargo carried will increase 10 times

Stating that the berths in Van and Tatvan were also made suitable for the berthing of new ships within the scope of the renewal of these ferries, Arslan stated that the 2 ferry was planned to carry passengers and vehicles as well as freight wagons planned under the project:

Yüksek Van port area depth increased from 130 meters to 7 meters for high tonnage ferries with paint over 4 meters and weighing 6 thousand groston. Since the new ferries have a daily carrying capacity of one thousand tons of 32, these new ferries can carry more than the load of the four existing ferries at once. Old ferries were capable of 9-10 wagons. The amount of freight transported by the new ferry 50 with the capacity of 2 wagons will increase 10 times. ”

Domestic and national products were used

Minister Arslan, the Ministry of domestic and national products in all projects implemented as a minimization of the attention, in this context, the new domestic and nationality of the ferries is kept at the highest rate of transfer Arslan, said:

Dizel Diesel engines used in our new ferries were produced in TÜLOMSAŞ. As our engines, which are strong enough to carry these giant ferries, are much more powerful than their counterparts manufactured abroad, the travel time between Tatvan and Van will decrease from 4,5 hours to 3,5 hours. In addition, 60 percent of the fuel will also save. The new ferries will therefore save both freight and time. Turkey-Iran transit rail line will connect much faster over Lake Van. "

In the meantime, Van Lake Ferry Management Directorate has built a ferry named “Sultan Alparslan X which has 136 meter length, 24 meter width and 50 wagon carrying capacity at Tatvan Pier.

Moreover, the 65 percent of the twin ferry named ris İdris-i Bitlisi en, which is under construction at the shipyard, was completed.

Günceleme: 21/11/2021 14:40

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