19 engineer procurement for Tüvasaş's National Train Project

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Directorate, will be 19 engineers to be employed at the National Railway Project.

According to the announcement published on the web site of the State Personnel Presidency, a total of 5 engineers including TUASAS General Directorate, 6 machine with contract status, 2 electrical-electronics, 2 industry, 2 metallurgy-material, 2 chemistry and 19 software engineer to be employed in the National Train Project. make written and oral exams for reception.

All notices and announcements except nominations http://www.tuvasas.com.tr internet
The exam application will start on the day following the publication of the exam announcement in the Official Gazette and the 25 will end on December.

Candidates who are successful in the written exam and who are entitled to take the oral exam will be announced the date and place of the exam. The final success list will be announced on Tüvasaş's website and a written notification will be made to those who will be recruited.

TÜVASAŞ General Directorate National Engineers will be employed in the National Train Project within the framework of the Examination and Appointment Regulations for Engineers, 399 under the contract to be subject to Decree Engineer purchase will be made.

All notices and announcements to be made, http://www.tuvasas.com.tr will be made from the internet address and will not be sent a written notification.

In all stages, the applicants will be canceled if they do not meet the requirements.
Mechanical Engineer 5
Electrical and Electronics Engineer 6
Industrial Engineer 2
Metallurgical and Materials Engineer 2
Chemical Engineer 2
Software Engineer 2

Candidates wishing to participate in the 1-Entrance Exam are available at TÜVASAŞ Headquarters Personnel Department or from the Headquarters website (www.tuvasas.com.t isadd the following documents to the application form to be obtained;
a) The original or notary approved copy of the diploma or graduate certificate (the original or notarized copy of the diploma equivalency certificate for those who have completed their education abroad),
b) Computer output of KPSS result document,
c) The document indicating the level of foreign language knowledge, (computer output of YDS and E-YDS exam results)
d) Curriculum vitae,
e) 3 pieces of passport photographs (taken within the last three months).
f) Application Form (Photographed and signed)

1- Examination applications will start on the day following the publication of the exam announcement in the Official Gazette and will end at the end of the 25 / 12 / 2017 deadline (17.00).

2- Candidates who wish to attend the entrance exam, provided that they meet the above conditions; "Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. General Directorate of National Sovereignty Caddesi No: 131 Adapazari / Sakarya / TURKEY "from the Company or from the internet address (http://www.tuvasas.com.trand complete the “Application Form. which they will provide.

3- The application form signed by the candidate and the other documents required for application must be submitted to the address mentioned above until the 25 / 12 / 2017 date (17.00) in person or by mail.

4- Applications that do not meet the requirements stated in the announcement shall not be processed with the applications not submitted to our General Directorate within the period due to delays or other reasons.

5-Documents must be submitted to TÜVASAŞ General Directorate by the deadline. These documents may be approved by the Head Office Personnel Office provided that the original documents are submitted.

1-The names and surnames of the applicants who are eligible to take the written exam as a result of the evaluation of the applications are announced at the Headquarters website at least ten days prior to the written exam. In addition, no written notification is given to the candidates.

2 Giriş Candidates who are entitled to take the written examination, are given the name of the entrance examination documents from TÜVASAŞ General Directorate Internet (www.tuvasas.com.t is).

3-Candidates will have a valid identification card (identity card, driver's license, passport) and examination entrance documents to be used for identification before the exam.

4-However, if the candidates whose names have been announced have not fulfilled the conditions for joining the exam, those determined later will not be taken into the entrance examination.


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