Will Atatürk Airport Shopping Center be?

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, 73 3 completed. Atatürk Airport will be organized as an area to breathe to Istanbul when the airport is finished and said: ece In any way, zoning and housing and housing is not in question, havalim he said.

Gazette, answering questions Habertürk'ın Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the number of e-government users 2018 40 million said they aim to remove. Arslan said, iz We will make all the services provided electronically through e-government. Ars

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: N We have started 799G broadband internet installations in the Bin 4.5 settlement and will complete it in 2018. Bin 472 new settlement to take place in the mobile and live around here 240 thousand people will continue to install 4.5G broadband internet service to provide. Arslan stated that 3 level was exceeded in 73 airport construction and said X We will open the first stage of the airport to serve 90 million passengers on 29 October 2018. There is no possibility to use Ataturk and Istanbul at the same time. They both use the same air corridor. However, Ataturk Airport will not be opened to construction. Istanbul will be organized as a breath-taking area. We also plan to use small aircraft as an area for landing. There are a lot of terminals here and we want them to serve as fairgrounds. In any way, the development of zoning and housing is not in question. Herhangi

Minister Arslan, previously said that Ataturk Airport will be used as an area for landing small aircraft, "There are a lot of terminals here and they want to serve as fair area," he said.


369 meters in height Small Camlica TV-Radio Tower Arslan Ministers also said they would be completed in 2018, 5 and 5B Turksat satellites will continue its production work, he noted that Turkey was founded in the year 2018 Space Agency.


Emphasizing the continuity of engineering studies for Kanal Istanbul, Arslan said, gibi The final shape will be given after the field study studies such as detailed geotechnical and hydraulic modeling are made on the selected project area. Within the scope of the survey project, we are still working on financial models in order to realize the project. In the 2018, we are planning to carry out the project works and complete the project tender. Yapım

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