Chairman Aktas, T2 line clarified the work

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the budget of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting and BUSKI General Assembly of Bursa, with a better level of values, 7 / 24 task to move to a better level, he said. President Aktas, "Our problem, excitement and love is Bursa," he said. In the parliamentary meeting, the budget for the 2018 fiscal year of the Metropolitan Municipality, the expense was 2 billion 650 million TL, the revenue was determined as 2 billion 600 million TL.

Greater City Council November 3. The General Assembly Meeting of the General Directorate of BUSKI was held with the participation of Mayor Alinur Aktaş.

Speaking at the meeting held at the Assembly Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aktaş said, Salon My mission is 34. 'S day. Bursa is rapidly running into the future with its growing structure. We have to make our work better. Every friend has a contribution. As a metropolitan municipality, we are an institution which is from birth to death. When we do our work, we should give importance to using common sense. We will take our steps in the interest of this city as much as possible with the revisions made by our team. E

Indicating that the change in the metropolitan municipality will continue the result-oriented work, the General Directorate of BUSKI General Directorate of Busiş Güngör Gülenç said that the proxy.

”We are at the beginning of our 7 / 24 mission“

President Aktaş said that they aimed to make the system operational by the revisions made and he said: mes We think this is how we carry Bursa to a better position with its values ​​and without problems. In the next process, we are at the beginning of our 7 / 24 mission, we do not hesitate to consult with everyone. There can be no situation like no other districts. Someone may perceive it as getting closer to the opposition, but I don't have such a complex. Our problem, excitement and love is Bursa Der.

Chairman of the President, who expressed that they will continue their visit in the district of the BUSKI General Assembly meeting was held. In the meeting, 10 discount on water tariffs was started to be applied as of 1 December; XYUMX 2018 million 1 revenue for the 180 year of the budget of the budget 962 million TL was determined as expense.

President Aktaş said that the amount of solid waste should be met by the districts. Tarafından Bursa does not use the most expensive water. We need to examine the resulting invoice as a whole. Due to solid waste costs, invoices are high and this is the perception that water prices are high. If we go from the unit price is not very healthy… Let's evaluate the issue, tan he said.

It was stated that the water factory was given to the 1 annually by the Metropolitan subsidiary Jeotermal AS, and that the continuation of the water will be examined and that the Nilufer Stream will clean with the completion of the treatment plant at 2018.

We need to enlarge the city

Following the General Assembly meeting, the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was held in November. session of Metropolitan Municipality 3 fiscal year and performance program were discussed. At the meeting, which started with the voting of the budgets of the district municipalities, the expense of the 2018 fiscal year budget of the Metropolitan Municipality was 2018 billion 2 million TL and the income was determined as 650 billion 2 million TL.

President Aktas, the statement, recalling that in all big cities experiencing problems in transportation, Turkey's 4. stated that they meticulously evaluate the problems experienced in transportation in Bursa, the largest city. Mr. Aktaş said that he will meet with the rooms next week for urban transformation and said taş We need to grow the city gelecek. He also mentioned that steps will be taken regarding urban transformation. Pointing out the importance of the vision layer in the city, President Aktaş said,, If the mistakes we made today are affected by 3, 5 and 10 years later, the nice things that are done today will be revealed even after 3, 5, 10 years later. Vizyon

In urgent jobs

He also clarified the studies on the T2 line and stated that the Bursa line of T2 will reach to DOSAB and its value will increase due to the industrial potential. President Aktaş emphasized the goal in his works and said, par These coins have the right to the orphan unfinished. It is valuable and important to us. We do our best to make the most efficient use. I believe that everyone is doing business in good faith, but there is the phrase of extending the feet according to the quilt, or we need to produce projects at the macro level that are urgent and appealing to the city in general and we need to do this in consultation with the district municipalities Herkes.

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