Inspection at the 3 Airport

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, said the 3 Airport will be the largest in the world. Arslan stated that there was GPS in every truck working in the construction site and that both the movements and the speed of the trucks were tracked through GPSs and the necessary penalties were given in case of violation of the rules. Stating that the construction company's effects on social and economic life were also examined by the company, the lion stressed that the activities of belirten improving the physical environment etkil were also carried out.

Arslan, said: eri Establishment of public contact offices in neighboring neighborhoods, hanging suggestion boxes in neighborhoods, informative brochures, establishment of a special telephone and mail line, dust and noise measurements, two pests visiting a neighborhood regularly and a road sweeper, neighborhood residents Daily face-to-face interviews and neighborhood visits, preparation of local public health, safety and security plan and preparation of emergency action plan. günlük

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