Minister Arslan's 7 December International Civil Aviation Day message

While we are happy to see that our civil aviation has achieved a new success every day in the international arena, I congratulate our colleagues 7 December International Civil Aviation Day in the sector.

7 December, which is the day of International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, is celebrated as International Civil Aviation Day in our country as it is in the world. In particular, this year, with the joy of the growth figures in our civil aviation, we welcome the 7 December with a greater enthusiasm.

While the aviation industry in the world has grown with single digit numbers, Turkish civil aviation has been steadily growing at double digits for the last fifteen years and is approaching the 2023 targets step by step. This year, our airports sign a new record each month in terms of number of passengers and aircraft traffic. The fact that four of our top five airports increase the number of passengers in Europe, our airports are a proud development in terms of showing that we are the country that contributed the most to the growth figures of European aviation.

International aviation organizations also indicate that our country will continue its progress in civil aviation at full speed. World Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts according to 2036 aviation, Turkey is the country's future will take place within the first five years of the world's largest 20 will become one of the first on the market and in terms of growth rate.

We continue to take the necessary steps to make the growth potential in our civil aviation sustainable, by realizing the great investments that the world admire as Istanbul New Airport. We are moving forward with the goal of being the country that has the widest flight network connecting the airports and continents and the world. At the end of these steps, Turkey, the worldwide aviation by becoming a central position in the global aviation countries are rising to the summit.

Turkey, which is a founding member of the ICAO's General Council membership elected last year crowned this success and has been involved in the decision-making process at the center of global aviation. Our country will continue to continue its activities on the basis of flight safety and aviation security in accordance with ICAO standards and contribute to the global aviation system in line with the organization's emniyet cooperation şekil target.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the institutions and organizations that have contributed to the achievement of these important achievements on behalf of our country and to the valuable employees of the Turkish civil aviation sector. .

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Günceleme: 19/12/2018 17:16

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