Aktaş: 40-45 percent relief will be provided in Bursa's traffic

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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has become a giant structure with the new law. Consider 17 district, dozens of affiliated institutions, thousands of staff. Alinur Aktas, who has completed his first month in office, works day and night in order to understand the structure despite his 13,5 annual municipality experience. Sometimes the athletes who want to continue the match despite their injuries due to high tempo sometimes manage to survive with a needle.

Most of the assignments have been completed in the past period. However, the 'Urgent Action Plan' he announced at the beginning of the task has not been completed yet, since the examinations on the current and ongoing projects are not yet completed. The plan, which will be announced earlier on November 27, will take place next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Transportation and water reduction studies were announced to the public. In the meantime, the cable car project between Gökdere and Teferrüç was canceled and the decision to continue to the T2 line was taken.

The most important issue of Aktaş that we talked about in his office is transportation. Much of the 'Urgent Action Plan' will also be devoted to this. Aktaş said that with the measures they will take, a 40-45 percent relief will be provided in traffic, and underlined that they will also give importance to the quality of public transportation.

Aktaş, who first saw Kestel and then on Bursaray on the university line, emphasized that the quality problem in public transportation is also important.

The most important problem in Bursaray is the density and wagon quality at peak hours.

Aktaş did not say, but according to the experts I have met before, the most important problem in Bursaray is software. There are 4 different types of wagons working in the system and software and network investment are required for these to work in harmony with each other.

Its bill is about 40 million Euros

Metropolitan's biggest problem is the source for new investment. Therefore, President Aktaş will frequently knock on the doors of the ministers, especially President Erdogan, in Ankara after the 'Urgent Action Plan'.


We also learned about the details of Gökdere-Teferrüç line, one of the radical decisions of President Aktaş, during the meeting. With the permission of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Teleferik A.Ş. Uludağ bought its line with the build-operate-transfer method. Just like Osmangazi Bridge, 300 thousand passengers were brought. If the number of passengers is low, the municipality would finance it. President Aktaş said, 'Give blessings, the number of passengers has reached 800 thousand last year.'

Expressing that there are high price complaints about the cable car, Aktaş pointed out that 85 percent of those using the line are foreigners.

Explaining that he asked the company during the cancellation negotiations, 'Why did not you buy it with the make-operate-transfer model?', Aktaş received the answer 'he won't win'. Aktaş's assessment was, 'Let's not earn money, but let's not hurt'.

Aktaş also noted that they are also examining the project related to the cable car between Kültürpark and Kuştepe in the city, 'This city needs vision projects but these should not cause us great harm. Kültürpark-Kuştepe was being designed. We said, 'Let me do it too, brother,' 'he said.

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