3's bridge response to average truckers

The truckers from Kocaeli are crying because of the punishments they claim to be unfair and irregular during the crossings from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Ismail Ozkar, President of SS Cooperative No: 4, said in a statement regarding the situation, maz It does not suit the state of law ”

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in Istanbul became the nightmare of the truckers. İsmail Özkar, the President of SS 4 Cooperative, who made a statement on the complaints of the truckers, stated that the truckers were crying for blood from unfair and irregular fines and said, Illegal penalties are cut. The punishment comes a year later and starts from 17 thousand 2 pounds. They make a truck look like it went three times a day and cut money for it. It is impossible for the truck to pass three times a day..

Özkar stated that despite all objections, the penalties continue to come and said, hiçbir Although all of them have documents in hand, no deputy provides a solution. We can't say the bridge was bad. The problem is that the trucker is busy. We want the authorities to find a solution as soon as possible. This is not only the problem of the SS 4 cooperative. There are 17 cooperatives in Kocaeli. That's the main problem of all of them. Someone needs to answer to the trucker trades. Otherwise, we are civilized people, but they should not go to the roads and control the road closure. ”

The lowest penalty from the 2 thousand 500 pounds expressed Özkar, yüzde 75'i percent of truckers can not remove this job. If such penalties are communicated to our driver friends within a week and if they have committed, they will find a solution. In this way, a year after this punishment is not legal, it is not appropriate, it does not suit humanity. As there was a problem everywhere, it became a problem in itself. Once a day, three times passed the notification. There's no way a truck could pass three times. We cannot find an interlocutor on this subject. It saddens us to have these in the state of law ”.

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