Birds 3. Is it a threat to the airport?

After the location of the Third Airport Project, the most important debates were the birds. A lot of issues have been put forward, such as the landfill, the danger of seagull, the route of migratory birds, which are very close to the region.

3 last week. During my trip to the airport, I learned quite interesting information about birds.

The first staff of the 3. Airport was ornithologist, ornithologist. Since 2013, bird movements in the region are being closely monitored. In September 2014, there is a bird radar. From the migration of birds to the dump in the region, the region is examined in detail.


If 3. If you are using the bridge path, or 3. When you go to the airport north of the Odayeri trash, passing through the pole of your nose begins to mourn. This dump is very close to the airport. A 'food nest' for birds, especially for the seagulls. One of the most careless animals against planes is the seagulls.

Odayeri dump is being closed from the date of 1 January 2018. After that 3 as garbage storage center. The airport will be used in Seymen in the distance of 70.

The gulls find their food in the Odayeri Garbage. Then 3 to drink water. Going to Terkos Lake near the airport. The seagulls are going to wash in the Black Sea. The recreation areas are also 3. Airport. This information was obtained from special GPS signals installed on tens of seagulls.

Once the food chain has been broken with Odayeri, the seagulls will automatically shift to Seymen. Thus, one of the most important problems will be eliminated.


In the study, birds intensively migrated in February-March with 3. Passing through the airport. Reaching Turkey. The stork is the most dangerous bird in migration. The storks that come in flocks come to give birth to puppies. So there are no 'baby' storks with them.

In this period, sound, lighted warnings will be made in the fight against flocks of birds. Prey birds will be fed. Also armed teams will keep watch. Bird modes will be placed on approach maps. The estimated immigration is expected to start at the end of February and end as 20 March. In this period, the bird will be fought.

On the way back, the birds' populations are increasing with the 50 with their offspring. The way back is from the south. So passing through Ataturk Airport.


One of the most perilous airports in the world is the Tacoma Airport in Seattle. Seatac in short, the airport, the measures taken by the bird, 3. The airport is also closely monitored.

These answers have caused many problems in my mind to disappear. But this is the bird. Of course we will be able to see what will happen during the operation Tab


The 3.Ventilian bird control system works very well. With the opening of the runway on the surface of the previous plane of the falling pieces, which measures the amount of snow falling immediately, and the differences in the ground of the discovery of the warning system for the interviews are made.

However, the State Airports Authority (DHMI) did not make the use of such new generation devices mandatory when preparing the main operating contract. Approximately 5-6 million Euro system is not in the operating specifications, 'Are you in a wonder' is the question of the question. At airports where this system is located, airlines pay lower insurance costs as risks are reduced. It is necessary to pay attention to such details when making the world's largest airport Dün


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