3. Airport Radar Protection

Istanbul Airport is the runway
Istanbul Airport is the runway

The new 3. Airport Radar Protection, DHMİ, 3'inci Airport with sensors and radars will protect the latest technology. The project will be piloted in Antalya. The construction of the 3 Airport, which has been opened for less than a year, continues at full speed, while the button for security systems has been pressed. Last year 28 General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), which increased the airport security technologies after the terrorist attack against Atatürk Airport in June, will make the environmental security of 3 Airport a radar based. In the new system, which will include night vision sensor cameras and radars, images will be transferred to the control center with fiber optics laid underground. Equipped with full technology, the new system will alert security units against terror or dangerous situations.

Pilot implementation of the project, which is Turkey's most foreign visitors entry to be made in the Antalya Airport. DHMİ will spend TL 16 million for the radar-based security system it will install at Antalya Airport. DHMİ General Manager Funda Ocak said that they will sign a contract for the investment of the radar-based security system to be made in Antalya Airport in the coming days.

January, “We will now perform all environmental safety of Antalya Airport with radar. Around the airport we will place 4 radar and sensor cameras with night vision. These images will be transferred instantly from underground to the control center with fiber optics. Very complicated and good system. If the bird flies, we will know. ”

Radar-based perimeter security systems as a pilot region, especially in Ankara Esenboga Airport Funda Ocak explained, because the expropriation limits of the system has been shifted to Antalya, he said. Ocak After the third runway is finished at Esenboğa Airport, we plan to install the same system there,, said Ocak, informing them that environmental safety will be achieved with radars and sensor cameras at major airports.

Funda Ocak, who also shared information on the security investments made by Turkey in airports in 2017, said, “This year, we placed an X-Ray device worth 35 million lira at our airports. We also bought 500 body scanners, each of which costs 24 thousand dollars. After the cabin ban imposed by the USA and England, we purchased 4 tomography devices.” January informed that approximately 2014 million TL was spent on airport security technologies between 2017 and 100. – Source MORNING

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