2018 will be invested in 28 billion 800 million pounds in XNUMX

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 15 billion 900 this year, they opened the 123 project, stating that year, t 47 billion 700 million pounds planned to be completed next year, we started the 126 project. Cilik He said.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 15 billion 900 this year, they opened the 123 project, stating that year, t 47 billion 700 million pounds planned to be completed next year, we started the 126 project. Cilik He said.

Minister Arslan held a press conference on the 2017 year evaluation and 2018 year targets.

Arslan, in his speech here, the last 15 380 billion 200 years as the Ministry of investment was invested, the next year 28 billion 800 million pounds will be invested.

This year, the 15 billion 900 project in the amount of 123 Xnumx said that they opened the next year, planned to be completed next year 47 billion 700 million xNUMX project also announced that they have started.

Arslan, while giving information about the investments in the highways, 2019 in the year of all the provinces in a way to connect together said that they aimed to connect. Xnumx 38,5 of the total road network, indicating that the split road, traffic, 80'ın divided by the way the percentage of traffic was passed.

North Marmara Motorway Kınalı-Odayeri and Kurtköy-Akyazı describing the work continues Arslan, the 125 kilometer of this part of the 2018 year, the rest is intended to finish the 2019'ye said.

  • ”Route 41 will shorten the mileage“

Some important tunnels on the North-South axis will be put into service at 2018, and the tunnels will be constructed on the Rize-Erzurum road. he said.

Minister Arslan, 650 kilometers of the noise map was taken out by expressing, “2 bin 611 meter-long noise barrier project was completed. Our work on the 2 bin 660 meter-long noise barrier project is almost finished. We care a lot about this project. With the noise barrier in the new era, especially in the city transition people, traffic noise will be prevented from being disturbed. Iyle said.

15 annually 50 million trees planted on the road indicating that the Arsenal, this year 4,3 million tree planting was done, he said.

  • N 15 thousand jobs will be provided in the transport of dangerous goods “

This year, 161 Hazardous Materials Safety Advisory Organization said that they are authorized Arslan, 2018 15 thousand people in this area said they aimed to provide employment.

Arslan stated that they also care about the railways and that they planned to start 2018 on the Ankara-Sivas YHT line and to begin passenger transportation in the first half of 2019.

Arslan said that the first of the 2 ferryboats in Lake Van will be commissioned at the beginning of the year and the other will be commissioned in the middle of the year.

Arsan stated that 238 million passengers have been moved to Marmaray so far, and 68 million passengers will be transported next year.

  • U The number of passengers carried on the airline reached 195 million “

As of the end of this year, the number of passengers carried in the airline 195 million, reaching the record voicing the Arslan, "next year on the 10 a million more by adding this, 200 million will be out on the very." He said.

Arslan stated that 2018 tariffs were limited to 10 at the service prices for domestic flights, and they did not make an increase because of the service costs for international flights.

Turksat 5A 2020, Türksat 5B 2021 will send the space in the year indicating that Arslan, Türksat 5A and 5B with the world's new Ku-Band frequency between the first 5 country to be drawn between the attention.

Space Systems Integration and Test Center (uset) production commenced the first domestic communications satellite Turksat that xnumxa the design nearing completion, and the adequacy test models Arslan stated that the start of production, Turkey is capable of producing communications satellite has recorded will take place between 6 countries.

Arslan also expressed in this legislative period to complete the work on the establishment of Turkey Space Agency.

Realizing that the realization rate at Istanbul New Airport is about 75-76 level, Arslan said that the project has more than one thousand employees.

Turkish-owned foreign flags 5 bin 384 boat passes the Turkish flag that transfers Arslan, 6 thousand boats, the targets, he said.

Arslan, connecting the Black Sea to the Marmara Channel Istanbul Project, while providing information about the studies are continuing, the drilling is increased, he said. Arslan stated that the canal will eliminate the risks arising from the transport of dangerous goods on the Bosphorus and provide urban transformation.

  • "Turkey will be implemented in 2018 Card"

National Cyber ​​Incidents Intervention Center, indicating that critical infrastructures have been ensured instant monitoring of Arslan, especially in the sense of blocking the cyber attacks in the last year, said that the increase of 8 times.

As a result of increasing preventive activities, the number of connections determined to be used for cyber-attack in the last year, 400 7 500 reached XNUMX'den expressing Arslan, said:

Engellen These connections are blocked by the ICTA at the infrastructure level. In the framework of preventive studies, more than 300 institutions were identified by closing the back door. In the context of vulnerability screening and threat detection, the clearance above 1500 has been identified and action has been taken to close it. Z

In the 2018 Arslan of Turkey Card project will be implemented, indicating that the PTT 2018 year Paperless Office reported that the project was started.

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