The visa period in Denizli Card

The visa period for the şehir Denizli Card şehir owners of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has been offered to the city bus transportation, is free for the elderly and older people with disabilities and legal rights.

The visa period for the cards of other Denizli Card holders of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is free of charge, is free of charge. Within this scope, it has been announced that 65 age and above, which is free to use Denizli Card, and other Denizli Card holders who have free access to bus transportation due to their legal rights, should have their visa issued by 65 December 31 date. 2017 age and over who will make a visa for the Denizli Card holders of identity information including identity, an official document such as driver's license, and the validity period of the rights of the rightful owners of the card can perform visas announced.

Where is the visa procedure?

The visa procedures of the related citizens belong to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc.; Special Administration Business Center Card Filling Center, Bayramyeri Square Card Filling Center, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Building Card Filling Center can be made. 31 December 2017 until the date of the visa process that does not make the Denizli Card holders have been announced that they can not use their cards until the visa process.


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